Weekly Roundup, 08/10/15-08/16/15

On Tuesday night, all fifteen home teams won.
- This is the first time all fifteen home teams have won on one day in major league history.

Congratulations to Matt Kemp on his cycle.
- Not only did Kemp get a cycle, it was the first cycle in Padres history.
– The Padres are, of course, despite playing their first game in 1969, the only franchise without a no-hitter. Even the Rockies (whose first season was 1993, and who play in Coors) have a no-hitter, though it was on the road.

Speaking of no-hitters, the Mariners certainly had a strange three game stretch on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. (They were off on Thursday.)
- On Wednesday, Hisashi Iwakuma threw a no-hitter against the Orioles.
– On Friday, they lost 15-1 to the Red Sox.
— On Saturday, they lost 22-10 to the Red Sox.
—- That means they went from a no-hitter to giving up 37 runs in two games.

In that 22-10 game, Jackie Bradley Jr.’s individual performance was quite notable.
- He hit three doubles and two home runs.
– That’s 14 total bases, which is the most by any player this season.
— Prior to this season, Bradley Jr. was a .196/.268/.280 hitter in 164 games and 530 PA.
—- Additionally, this 22-10 game was on August 15. That’s Ben Affleck’s birthday. The Red Sox hadn’t won on August 15 since 1997, making it 15 straight years they lost on that date.
—– The Red Sox had a season high 26 hits. Of course, the Orioles tied that record just the next day.

On Wednesday, both the Cubs and White Sox won on walk-offs.
- The last time both Chicago teams won on a walk-off on the same day was in 1995.

Evan Gattis now has nine triples this season.
- That’s second in all of MLB.

After getting swept in a four-game series in San Francisco, the Nationals are now under .500.

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Weekly Roundup 08/03/2015-08/09/2015

Lance McCullers, who allowed 21 earned runs over his first thirteen starts, gave up seven runs (six earned) in just 0.1 innings against Texas on Monday.

On August 4th, the New York Mets gained sole possession of first place in the N.L. East. They still have it.

Kendrys Morales tripled this week.
- As did Francisco Cervelli.
– Cervelli has four triples in 2015, and leads the Pirates in the category.
— Evan Gattis, also a catcher, has seven triples.

Zack Greinke had an interesting start on Thursday…
-He both homered and allowed as many runs as he has in his last nine starts going back to June 13th.
– Despite allowing six runs in six innings (all earned), he still got the win.
— Speaking of pitcher home runs, Francisco Liriano hit one this week as well.

Tyler Moore and Shane Robinson both made pitching appearances this week.
- Neither of them are pitchers.

On Sunday Jackie Bradley hit a triple, home run, and had five RBIs.
- He had 4 RBIs on the season entering today, and had never had a 4-RBI game before.

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Weekly Roundup, 07/27/15-08/02/15

This week, Lucas Duda homered off brothers Tyson and Joe Ross.
- He also hit nine home runs in eight games.
– It’s August 2, and the Mets are tied for first place.

Curt Casali of the Rays had two two-homer games in a row on Monday and Tuesday.

The Yankees played the Rangers and White Sox this week, and faced position players pitching twice.
- Adam Rosales pitched for the Rangers on Tuesday, and Adam LaRoche pitched for the White Sox on Friday.
– Brendan Ryan struck out against LaRoche.
— This was in the middle of a game where Ryan had three hits.
—- He also had two doubles in one inning on this road trip.

In the same game, Alexi Amarista hit a big game-tying home run in the top of the ninth, and Adeiny Hechavarria won it for the Marlins with a walk-off homer in the bottom half of the frame.

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Weekly Roundup, 07/20/15-07/26/15

Congratulations to Cole Hamels on his no-hitter.
- Of course, it came against the Cubs, who had the longest streak in baseball of not being no-hit going back to 1965.

Actually, since the All-Star Break, the Phillies have the best record in baseball.

On Monday, Nick Markakis finally hit his first home run of the year.
- He’s been batting cleanup for the Braves a lot of the year, too.

The offense-starved Mets broke Greinke’s scoreless innings streak.
- Pitcher Jacob DeGrom drove in that RBI, too.
– On Saturday, both the Mets and White Sox, two of the bottom three teams in terms of runs scored in all of baseball, scored over ten runs.

Evan Gattis has six triples this year.

David Ross pitched for the Cubs today.
- He’s a catcher.
– This is his second relief inning this year.

The Mariners turned this triple play.

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Bold Predictions Update

With two full days off before baseball starts up again on Friday, we figured it was a good time to check back in on our fifth annual preseason bold predictions. As always, they were made with the whole year in mind, so many of them can’t properly be evaluated yet. A bit under half of them are already nearly certain to fail, but hey, you can’t predict baseball. Without further ado:

Boston Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval hits fewer homers than he hit last year.

Sandoval hit 16 home runs last year, and has had a generally disappointing first half in Boston, hitting .265/.307/.384 with seven home runs and at least one post liked on Instagram while in the bathroom. This prediction was based on Fenway Park being more hitter friendly than AT&T, and so far it’s on track.

Tampa Bay Rays: They will have a 16-game winner.

A little background: Jake Odorizzi was tied for the team lead in wins last year with just 11. He was tied with David Price, who was shipped to Detroit at the end of July. As for this prediction, wait and see. Chris Archer has been fantastic and Erasmo Ramirez has shown surprising success since moving into the rotation in mid-May, but they have only 9 and 8 wins, respectively.

Baltimore Orioles: Chris Davis qualifies for the batting title with an .850+ OPS, and the Orioles win fewer than 96 games.

The Orioles are 44-44, so it would take a tremendous second half for them to win 96, a number that was chosen because they won that many games last year. Davis needs to pick it up too, as he is hitting .235/.318/.469/.787. This is a likely bust.

New York Yankees: CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka combine to throw 350+ innings.

So far, they have thrown 167.1 innings. Tanaka missed some time due to injury, and Sabathia has been so bad that the Yankees pushed back his last start. This one is looking busted as well.

Toronto Blue Jays: Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion account for less than 30% of their total dingers.

Toronto’s high-powered offense has clubbed 115 home runs, which is actually third in the AL. Bautista and Encarnacion have hit 35 of those, or…30.4%. Let’s wait on this one.

Cleveland Indians: Michael Bourn steals 40 bases.

Bourn has stolen just seven bases. Nope.

Detroit Tigers: Justin Verlander posts a 4+ bWAR.

Verlander is sitting at -0.1 bWAR. This is another one that seems impossible.

Minnesota Twins: Phil Hughes has a K/BB over 10 again.

Hughes set a major league record last year with an amazing 11.63 K/BB. His walk rate is more or less what it was last year, but his strikeout rate has fallen off dramatically. His K/BB is a still excellent 6.1, but he’s got a long way to go to make us right about this.

Chicago White Sox: Chris Sale throws 200 innings.

Sale has thrown 112.1 innings, averaging 7 innings per start. So far, so good, but performance has never been the issue for Sale.

Kansas City Royals: They finish under .500.

Technically possible but extremely unlikely. The Royals are 52-34 at the break, so they’d have to lose 48 of their remaining 76 games to finish under .500.

Oakland Athletics: They will have the best rotation ERA in the AL West.

Oakland boasts the best rotation ERA in not just the AL West but the entire AL at 3.01. The second-place Rays have a rotation ERA of 3.33, so this prediction is looking good so far.

Houston Astros: Dallas Keuchel wins 15 games.

Keuchel leads the AL with 11 wins, and Houston is unexpectedly quite good this year. This one seems likely.

Seattle Mariners: Nelson Cruz leads the majors in home runs again.

Cruz has hit 21 homers, tied for 9th in the league, and six behind leader Giancarlo Stanton. He could do it with a big second half.

Texas Rangers: Neftali Feliz finishes in the top 5 in the AL in saves.

Feliz threw 19.2 mostly bad innings before being DFAed and signing with the Tigers. He will not finish in the top 5 in the AL in saves.

Los Angeles Angels–the infielders (C included) hit more homers than the outfielders.

Their infielders have hit 43 home runs, while the outfielders have hit 42. They also have 11 home runs from the DH slot. This one is certainly possible.

Philadelphia Phillies: They win 75 or more games.

The Phillies are 29-62. To win 75 games, they would need to go 46-25 for the rest of the season. It’s mathematically possible, but considering the way they’ve played this season, it seems extremely unlikely.

New York Mets: Matt Harvey doesn’t lead the team in wins, ERA, or strikeouts.

Thank you, Jacob deGrom. deGrom leads the Mets in all three of those categories, though Harvey is only three strikeouts behind him.

Washington Nationals: Their starters win fewer games than they did in 2014.

Washington starters won 70 games last year. So far this year, they have 37 of Washington’s 48 wins, and 43% of their total games. They are on pace for just about 70 on the year, so we’ll have to wait and see where they end up.

Miami Marlins: Henderson Alvarez strikes out 150+.

Henderson Alvarez hasn’t pitched since May and has nine strikeouts all season. This one is looking all but impossible.

Atlanta Braves: Melvin Upton has an OBP over .300.

We made this prediction a day or two before Upton was traded to the Padres. His OBP with San Diego, in very limited playing time, is .294. Let’s wait and see on this prediction, though it won’t be with Atlanta either way.

Chicago Cubs: They will finish with a top-2 record in the National League.

The Cubs are certainly within striking distance of finishing with a top-2 NL record, and they could get there with a hot second half. But they’ve got a lot of competition, not least of all in their own division with the Cardinals and Pirates, who are two of the top three teams by record in all of baseball.

Cincinnati Reds: Aroldis Chapman will set a new career high in saves while having his worst season since he became full time closer in 2012.

Chapman has 18 saves, a tick less than half his career high (38, in both 2012 and 2013) in a bit over half the season. This is mostly because the Reds just haven’t been very good, sitting at 39-47. Chapman himself has a 1.69 ERA with strikeout and walk rates more or less in line with the rest of his career. This is a likely bust.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen goes 30/30.

McCutchen has hit 12 homers and stolen just five bases. 30/30 seems unlikely.

Milwaukee Brewers: By OPS+, they have a top-three offense in the NL.

With a team OPS+ of 91, they are not particularly close to the top three.

St. Louis Cardinals: They will miss the playoffs as Wainwright puts up an ERA over 3.

The Cardinals currently have the best record in all of baseball, and save a collapse they don’t look likely to miss the playoffs. Adam Wainwright is probably done for the season, and his ERA was only 1.44 at the time he went on the DL with an Achilles injury in mid-April. Neither of these looks like it will be true, but wait and see.

San Diego Padres: No one hits 25 homers.

Justin Upton leads the team with 14 home runs, and Derek Norris has 11. Wait and see on this one.

San Francisco Giants: Madison Bumgarner posts a 3.50+ ERA for the first time.

Bumgarner has a 3.33 ERA. Stay tuned.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw isn’t their winningest pitcher.

Zack Greinke has eight wins to Kershaw’s six. He also has a 1.39 ERA.

Arizona Diamondbacks: They finish with an above league average team ERA.

Current ERA+: 94. They’d have to have an excellent second half.

Colorado Rockies: They have a team ERA under 4.50.

Their current team ERA is 4.82, but fun fact: only three Colorado teams have ever had a sub-4.50 ERA. Drop that down to 4.20 and it’s just Ubaldo’s career year 2010 team.
1993: 5.41
1994: 5.15
1995 (Coors Field opens): 4.97
1996: 5.59
1997: 5.25
1998: 4.99
1999: 6.01 (!)
2000: 5.26 (and a 110 ERA+)
2001: 5.29
2002: 5.20
2003: 5.20
2004: 5.54
2005: 5.13
2006: 4.66
2007: 4.32
2008: 4.77
2009: 4.22
2010: 4.14
2011: 4.43
2012: 5.22
2013: 4.44
2014: 4.84
2015: 4.82

A good number of these have a real chance of happening. As always, we’ll update again at the end of the season.

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Weekly Roundup, 7/6/15-7/12/15

Welcome to the All-Star Break! Our update on the preseason bold predictions will be out during the break, but first, the events of the week:

It’s been a banner week for pitchers at the plate. Jon Lester finally recorded his first big league hit after 78 hitless PAs, raising his career line to .014/.028/.014. He had the most PAs of anyone without a hit by a lot.

On Saturday, both AJ Burnett and Matt Harvey hit home runs. It was the second time in nine days that two pitchers had homered in a day. Before that, you have to go all the way back to 10/1/2012.

Cole Hamels allowed nine runs in 3.1 innings to the Giants, a new career high. He also allowed 12 hits, tying his career high.

Chris Archer also allowed nine runs, a career high for him.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis hit .079 with no homers for the Mets for being designated for assignment in May. He then went to the Angels, where he hit .136 with no homers before coming back to the Mets. On Sunday, he hit three home runs, equaling his total from last year. He also became the first Mets player to ever hit three homers in a home game.

On Friday, the Tigers led the Twins 6-0 with two outs in the 8th before Minnesota scratched a run across. Eight batters and just one out later, the Twins walked off 8-6.

Billy Butler reached on a dropped third strike.

The Blue Jays are somehow under .500 despite a +82 run differential.

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Weekly Roundup 06/22/15-06/28/15

Steven Matz made his Major League debut yesterday, and had four RBI.
- He’s a pitcher.
– However he isn’t just the first Mets pitcher to have four RBI in his MLB debut; he’s the first Mets player to do that.

Via @goldbergkc, Jeremy Guthrie has stuck out the side just five times in his career – but two of them came yesterday.

On Saturday, Starling Marte stole home.

On Friday, Ben Revere homered off of Max Scherzer:

- At this point, the unpredictable thing seems not to be that Scherzer took a no-hitter into the sixth, but that he allowed two earned runs.

Brandon Belt hit two triples on Thursday.
- He hit just one triple in all of 2014.

And last Monday, Joe Blanton outdueled Felix Hernandez, in a game that also saw Robinson Cano hit just his third home run of the season.

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Daily Roundup, 06/15/15-06/21/15

On Tuesday, Jeff Francoeur pitched for the Phillies.
- Yes, that Jeff Francoeur!
– He had a 1-2-3 inning, along with a strikeout of Nolan Reimold, and he threw MORE pitches than Nathan Eovaldi that night.
— This was the Phillies’ first 1-2-3 inning all night.
—- At exact same time, utility man Jake Elmore pitched for the Rays.
—– That’s right, two position players pitched at the same time.
—— Later in the Rays game, infielder Nick Franklin pitched as well. That makes two position players pitching in the same game.
——– And if that’s not enough, the next day saw pitching appearances from David Murphy, Ryan Raburn and Alex Amarista.

Brock Holt hit for the cycle on Tuesday, making him the first member of the Red Sox to hit for the cycle since 1996 – 19 years ago.

On Thursday, the Dodgers won on a walk-off balk.

On Saturday A.J. Pierzynski tripled. We didn’t believe it either, so we have video:

Also Saturday: Max Scherzer lost a perfect game with two outs in the ninth on a questionable hit by pitch call. He still got the no-hitter.
- Believe it or not, his game score of 97 wasn’t his best game score this season – or even this week.
– That happened last Sunday, when his 16k, one-hit shutout of the Brewers nabbed him a GS of 100.

On Sunday, Adam Morgan won the game he started for the Phillies.
- It’s the first win by a Phillies’ starter in 25 consecutive games.
– Morgan, by the way, had an 0-6 record in triple-A.

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Daily Roundup, 06/08/15-06/14/15

On Friday, catcher Jesus Sucre pitched for the Mariners against the Astros.
- This is odd enough on its own, but this was a game Felix Hernandez started.
– Of course, Felix was out of the game because he gave up eight runs in just one-third of an inning.
— To the Astros, who were slumping at the time.
—- The Astros playing poorly being notable of this site is some kind of bizarro YCPB.
—– All that, and Sucre got more outs than Felix did.

Chris Heston of the Giants threw a no-hitter against the Mets.
- The only blemishes on his line were three players hit by pitches.
– Heston has just 79.1 major league innings, to the tune of a 93 ERA+.
— Less than two years ago, the Giants designated Heston for assignment.

On Saturday, the Braves’ closer Jason Grilli got the win, while starter Williams Perez got a save.

When Bryce Harper faced Yankees reliever Jacob Lindgren, it meant he finally faced a pitcher younger than him.

The Blue Jays scored more runs this weekend than the Royals have scored all month. (h/t @castrovince)
- Drew Hutchinson has allowed 14 runs in 6.1 total innings in his two starts at Fenway this year. The Jays have won both those games. (h/t Tim Britton)
– Justin Smoak and Russell Martin tripled in the same game on Friday.

On Sunday, the Twins hit three triples in an inning – in which they only managed to score one run.

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Daily Roundup, 06/01/15-06/07/15

On Monday night, Andrew Cashner of the Padres struck out twelve Mets in just 4.2 innings. He also gave up 11 hits in those 4.2 innings, so he was removed from the game. That was the first time in major league history where a pitcher gave up more than ten hits while striking out more than ten batters, in fewer than five full innings.
- So of course, even though this was the first time it had happened in major league history, it happened again the next night. Noah Syndergaard of the Mets struck out ten Padres while giving up ten hits across just four innings.
– Not only did a pitching feat that had never happened before happen twice in two nights, it happened twice in the same series.
— Speaking of the Mets, Bartolo Colon has a three-game hitting streak. He’s also hitting .174 – not too shabby for a pitcher. That’s a better batting average than at least one regular player in baseball – Stephen Drew is batting .169.

Pat Venditte made his major league debut for the Athletics.
- He is a switch-pitcher, only the second in major league history.

Jeff Francoeur hit a grand slam off Madison Bumgarner.
- Of course, the Phillies actually lost that game. That said, Frenchy drove in the winning run against the Giants a night later.
– The other player to hit a grand slam off Bumgarner is Jordan Pacheco (h/t @hankschulman).

On Saturday, Christian Bethancourt hit a walk-off home run.
- That was actually his first career home run.

Matt Wieters triple on Sunday.

The Rangers and Nationals have the same record.
- The top two teams in the AL West are the Astros and Rangers.

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