Daily Roundup, 09/01/14

The Phillies combined to no-hit the Braves.
- Cole Hamels, Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon combined for the honors.
– Ben Revere had five RBI today.
— This includes a triple.
—- Revere had previously only had 15 RBI on the year.

Denard Span hit two home runs today.
- He’d previously hit two homers all season.

Via @aceballstats, Hunter Pence had his 19th & 57th extra-base hit of the season in the same game. (Yes, it was the continuation of a suspended game).
- Tim Hudson ended the day with two no-decisions.

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Daily Roundup, 08/31/14

Clay Buchholz threw a Maddux.
- His ERA is 5.77.
– Buchholz actually has three appearances this year where he’s given up no runs through eight innings.

The A’s did score today, but before they did, they went 27 full innings without scoring a run.

Pablo Sandoval triple.

Dioner Navarro stolen base.
- It was his second this year
– Prior to 2014, his last stolen base was in 2009.

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Daily Roundup 08/30/14

After being traded to the Orioles, Kelly Johnson has now been traded within the AL East.
- Twice.
– In one season.
— He’s managed the feat of playing for all five AL East teams…since 2012.

Via @msimonespn, the only pitcher in MLB with multiple starts of 7+ IP, 1 H or fewer in 2014 is Drew Hutchinson of the Blue Jays.

Mike Moustakas was intentionally walked.

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Daily Roundup, 08/29/14

Felix Hernandez has allowed four home runs tonight.
- That’s the first time he’s allowed four homers in one game in the majors.
– It was in just 3.1 innings, too.

Justin Verlander doesn’t have a scoreless outing all season.
- Tonight was the first time he gave up fewer than two runs.

In his debut with the Yankees, Josh Outman did not get… an out.

The Mets scored three runs in an inning with no hits.
- Eric Campbell stole home.

Given the injuries, this may be less than unpredictable, but the Rangers have used 59 players this season.
- That’s tied for the major league record, with September call-ups right around the corner.

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Daily Roundup 08/28/14

Gregor Blanco home run!
- Ryan Doumit also homered.

Adam Jones walked, only his sixth walk against right-handed pitching this year.

Yusmeiro Petit broke a record by retiring 46 straight batters.
- The streak was broken by Jordan Lyles.
– He’s a pitcher.

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Daily Roundup, 08/27/14

David Price gave up nine hits in a row.
- He hadn’t given up nine hits in any of his last fourteen starts (h/t Jayson Stark).
– He gave up those hits to the Yankees
— In the past week, the Yankees have hit Chris Sale, James Shields, and now David Price very well, and won all three games.
—- After Price gave up eight runs in 2+ innings, the Tiger bullpen threw seven scoreless innings.

Rougned Odor grand slam.
- The Rangers/Mariners 12-4 game took under two and a half hours.
– The previously blazing hot Mariners lost a series to the Rangers.

The Phillies swept the Nats.
- Denard Span homer. It was a bomb, too.

Even stranger, there was an Adeiny Hechavarria homer.
- That’s his first home run all season.
– He’s not a part-time player, either – he has 461 PA!

Hector Noesi outdueled Cory Kluber.

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Daily Roundup 08/26/14

Freddy Galvis homered!
- The home run raised his batting average from .045 to 0.85.

Javier Baez tied Tony Gwynn’s career high for strikeouts (on August 26th) h/t @sammillerbp.
- Baez is striking out in roughly half of all PAs (47%), via @mrosen369.

Nate Freiman tripled.

In the top of the eleventh the Red Sox had the bases loaded…
- and sacrificed bunt twice.
– Steve Tolleson pitched (he’s normally an infielder).

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Daily Roundup, 08/25/14

Michael Morse tripled.
- Morse has seven career triples, and three are this year.
– Two are in the last ten days. (h/t Hank Schulman)

Five Orioles homered tonight
- including back-to-back-to-back homers.
– The O’s scored four runs over the weekend, and six runs in an inning tonight.

Dustin Pedroia homer.
- Clay Buchholz: 8.1 IP, 4 H, 3 R/ER, 2 BB, 4 K.
– The runs were actually inherited; his start was scoreless going into the ninth inning, and 3-1 with two outs in the ninth.
— This start was against the Blue Jays, too.
—- Who are now only one game over .500.

Stephen Drew homer.

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Daily Roundup 08/24/14

The Cubs swept the Orioles.
- The Mariners swept the Red Sox in a three game series at Fenway.
– That’s the first time ever that’s happened.
— Mike Zunino walked.

There was a 5-4-3-2 triple play in the Mets-Dodgers game.
- Ruben Tejada homered.

Ichiro hit a two-run RBI single off of Chris Sale.
- Via @AnthonyMcCarron, the hit was the first time in more than a year that Chris Sale gave up an RBI to a LH hitter.
– The last to do so? Joe Mauer, August 17 2013.

Gregor Blanco and Travis Ishikawa hit home runs off of Stephen Strasburg.

Ben Revere walked for the first time since July 5th.

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Daily Roundup, 08/23/14

The tarp was successfully put on the field at a Cubs game.

After scoring 20 runs last night, the Twins scored 12 in the first game of their doubleheader with the Tigers today.
- Actually, from the second inning of the game last night through the second inning of today’s game, the Tigers gave up 27 runs to the Twins in just nine innings.

Hunter Pence homered on this pitch.

Albert Pujols infield single.

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