Daily Roundup 04/17/14

In the top of the second inning tonight, the Yankees hit two triples.
- One of those triples was hit by Brian Roberts.
– In the bottom of the inning, the Yankees turned a triple play.
— It’s the first time that a team has hit two triples AND turned a triple play since at least 1939.
—- The last three triple plays the Yankees have turned (04/22/10, 04/12/13, 04/17/14) have all come in April, and all with CC Sabathia on the mound.

Adam Wainwright hit an infield single.

Robinson Canó hit his first home run of the year.
- This gives him as many home runs as Gio Gonzalez.

Andrelton Simmons struck out tonight.
- It’s the first time he’s struck out in 52 PAs (h/t @Whitey_83).

In the bottom of the eighth of game two of their double-header, the Twins scored six runs, and the first four of those without a hit, or, technically, without an at-bat.
- They scored those runs because Toronto’s pitchers gave up eight walks and three wild pitches.
– Every Twin except for Eduardo Nuñez walked at least once in the inning.
— Josmil Pinto walked twice. Via @sethsamuelson, Pinto had four walks in nine plate appearances today; he has six walks in 83 PAs all of last season.
—- Sergio Santos threw 16 pitches. Four were strikes.
—– According to our friends at Baseball Reference, he’s the first pitcher to throw three wild pitches and not record an out.

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Daily Roundup, 04/16/14

The Yankees shut out the Cubs in both games of a doubleheader.
- The last time any team shut out any other team in both games of a doubleheader was in 1988. The last time the Yankees did it was 1987, and the last time it happened to the Cubs was 1962.
– The Yankees have set a team record with seven straight saves to start a season, and no blown saves. They set this record in 1974. Yes, this means this record stood through the Mariano Rivera years. Remember relievers that aren’t the closer can blow saves, but that’s somewhat remarkable. (h/t @yestoresearch)
— Scott Sizemore had his first RBI since 2011 today.
—- Which means he had more runs batted in than the Cubs.

Cliff Lee lost a 1-0 game in which he pitched a complete game and struck out thirteen.
- He is the first pitcher to lose a 1-0 game with at least 13 strikeouts since… himself last year.
– Lee has nine games with the Phillies where he has at least 12 strikeouts. He is 2-5 in those games. (thanks to Todd Zolecki)
— So far, Lee has only walked two batters. They are BJ Upton and JP Arencibia.

Jose Molina singled to the pitcher.

Ruben Tejada was IBBed twice in one game.
- Yes, he was batting in front of the pitcher. But it’s still Ruben Tejada.
– The Diamondbacks are 1-11 at home, if you’re counting the Australian games where they were the home team.
— On April 16, they are ten games under .500.

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Daily Roundup 04/15/14

The Royals hit a home run!
- Prince Fielder finally hit a home run, too.

Stephen Strasburg tonight: 4.0 IP 8 H 6 R 6 ER 3 BB 5 K 1 HR
- It’s just the fifth time in his career (since 2010) that he’s allowed six or more earned runs in a start.
– The Marlins’ win ended an eight-game losing streak.

A.J. Pierzynski walked.
- Dustin Pedroia pinch ran.
– Pierzynski also threw out Alejandro De Aza on an attempted steal.

Yadier Molina reached on a double-play ball.

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Daily Roundup, 04/14/14

There have been three sets of back-to-back homers by the Pirates in the Pirates/Reds game.
- Gaby Sanchez and Neil Walker have gone back-to-back twice.
– It’s tied.
— There have actually been ten home runs in total in this game.
—- Which is being played in driving rain, to note.
—– It’s the sixth inning, and the Pirates have as many home runs in this game as the Rangers and Royals have all season. (h/t @kingling43)
—— It’s also worth noting that Homer Bailey gave up four of those Pirate home runs.

Yep, the Rangers only have five home runs all season so far.
- One of them is from Elvis Andrus.
– Others are from Michael Choice and Robinson Chirinos.

Mark Trumbo also has six home runs on his own, outhomering the Rangers and Royals combined.
- On a sadder note for Diamondbacks fans, that’s also more home runs than the team has wins.

The Braves hit back-to-back-to-back home runs tonight, as well.
- They are currently losing in a battle between them and the Phillies as to whose bullpen can be more brutal.
– ETA: This game was 2-1 at the end of the seventh. The final score was 9-6.
— The Phillies gave up nine walks and five home runs. The only other time in the past one hundred years that the team did that, they actually won. (h/t @coreyseidman)

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Daily Roundup, 04/13/14

The Rays turned a 6-2-4-3-2 double play.
- They still lost rather thoroughly.

Since August 22, 2012, the Nationals are 7-20 against the Braves, and 107-77 against everyone else. (h/t @ajcbraves)
- The Brewers and Nationals have only seven losses combined, and they’re all against the Braves.

The Brewers have now won nine in a row.
- Kyle Lohse struck out nine in 8.2 innings today.
– At one point, he struck out five in a row.
— The Brewers also scored two runs on a strikeout in this game.

Due to a flurry of injuries, Carlos Beltran played first base for the Yankees.

The Orioles ball girl made a nice play…on a fair ball.

The Royals/Twins game ended on an interference call.

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Daily Roundup, 04/12/14

Entering the day, 25 teams, including all 15 AL clubs, had between 4 and 6 wins. Score one for parity.

The Brewers were not one of those. They are 9-2.
- Carlos Gomez hit his fourth homer of the year, and his second leadoff shot.
– Andrew McCutchen error.

The Rangers hit a home run, just their fifth of the year.
- It came in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game.
– Pinch-hitter Michael Choice hit it. It was his first big league homer.
— They still lost.
—- To the Astros.
—– Jason Castro tripled.

Justin Verlander got two hits.
- Verlander came into the day 0-26 with nine sac bunts. He had never gotten a hit or walked, and his 35 PAs was the most by anyone with a career OPS of .000.

The new PA leader for a player with a .000 OPS? Alex Wood.
- Wood went 0-2 today, giving him 30 PAs without ever getting on base, passing 1950s reliever Nellie King.
– BJ Upton got two hits.
— One of them was a home run!

The only run in the Rays-Reds game scored on a James Loney homer.

Brian Dozier only has eight hits this season, but four of them are homers.
- Joe Mauer also homered.
– James Shields got shelled, but was one out away from a quality start because six of the seven runs he allowed were unearned.

Matt Cain: 7 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, and a loss.
- The Rockies bullpen threw six shutout innings.

Jimmy Rollins walkoff homer.
- That’s the second of his career.

Chris Davis stole a base.
- He still has no homers.

Drew Butera had a multi-hit game.
- In the 8th, JJ Putz gave up back to back hits to Butera and Chone Figgins, then retired Yasiel Puig.

The Mets took the lead in the ninth on a two-RBI single from Omar Quintanilla.
- In the bottom of the inning, Jose Valverde retired the first two hitters, then allowed the next two to reach before giving up a three-run, game-tying homer to Raul Ibanez.
– Mike Trout hit into a double play.

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Daily Roundup, 04/11/14

David Ortiz hit an infield single.
- This was followed by a Grady Sizemore home run.

Jason Kubel hit a triple.

Jonathan Lucroy, a catcher, advanced two bases on a wild pitch.

Dustin McGowan won a game. @SNETcampbell explains why this is notable:
- It’s McGowan’s first win since 2008.
– His last win came against Pittsburgh; in that game Jose Bautista played third base…for the Pirates.

Jose Fernandez issued a bases-loaded walk…
- to Ryan Howard.
– He surrendered six earned runs, the most in his career.
— It rose his career ERA from 2.09 to 2.33 (via @BRefPlayIndex

Yu Darvish allowed just two baserunners (a hit and a walk) against the Astros over eight innings.
- He got a no-decision.
– In the bottom of the tenth inning, the Rangers had the bases loaded with no one out…and did not score.

Madison Bumgarner hit a grand slam.

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Daily Roundup, 04/10/14

The White Sox beat the Indians for the first time in nearly a year.
- Danny Salazar only recorded eleven outs, and ten of them came via strike three.
– It’s the shortest outing of double-digit strikeouts in baseball history.

Sam Fuld homered.
- Joe Mauer still has no RBIs.
– Meanwhile, Chris Colabello has 11 RBIs, which led the league entering play today.

Emilio Bonifacio reached on a fielding error with two outs in the third.
- He stole second, and the throw went into center field. Bonifacio just kept running, and scored.
– Pedro Alvarez homered off a lefty.

Last night, the Marlins walked a guy to load the bases before allowing a late-inning grand slam.
- Tonight, trailing 2-1 in the 8th, Arquimedes Caminero walked a guy to load the bases, then walked the next guy, then served up a grand slam.

Dean Anna homered.
- He has as many homers as the Royals.
– Michael Pineda got a win for the first time since July 2011. His last win came against a Rays team that featured Johnny Damon as a full-time player.
— The Yankees and Red Sox played a game in under three hours.

Jean Segura has been caught stealing three times already.

Buster Posey bunt single.

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Daily Roundup 04/09/14

The Royals hit a home run today.
- It’s their first home run of the season.

Dionner Navarro stole a base.
- It’s his first stolen base since 2009.
– Aramis Ramirez also stole a base.
— Mark Reynolds stole his second base of 2014 – he has 18 stolen bases in 574 games since 2010.

Ervin Santana threw 23 pitches tonight before he threw his first pitch out of the strike zone.
- And 28 of his first 29 pitches.

Jonathan Schoop hit a home run.

The Pirates hit their first single in the eighth inning…
- of a 7-3 game (via @jordanfield)

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Daily Roundup, 04/08/14

The Yankees finally got multiple home runs in a game.
- One came from Alfonso Soriano, hitting .192.
– They lost.
— The Yankees have given up 11 first-inning runs this year.
—- Your AL leader in doubles is Yangervis Solarte.

Robinson Chirinos home run.
- Also in this game, the Red Sox fell one short of the AL record for grounding into double plays in a nine-inning game.
– This was a game where they scored seven runs.
— They lost.
—- Joaquim Soria’s ninth inning included four hits and three runs given up, plus three strikeouts – all in a relatively neat twenty pitches.
—– AJ Pierzynski infield single in this one.
—— Also, Prince Fielder took three bases in one play.

On Saturday, Ryan Braun sat out with a thumb injury. Today, he hit three home runs.

You know who else homered? Dee Gordon.
- Off Max Scherzer.
– Austin Jackson also homered in this game.
— Which is at Dodger Stadium.

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