Daily Roundup, 08/21/14

Skip Schumaker pitched for the Reds.
- This is actually his fourth career pitching appearance.
– Schumaker pitched after Chapman.

Tyson Ross, the opposing pitcher, broke up Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter with two outs in the top of the sixth.

The Yankees played a game in 2:07.

In a complete game effort, David Price allowed just one hit, with nine strikeouts and no walks. He retired the last 23 Rays hitters. Yes, Price was pitching against the Rays.
- He got the loss.
– Price is the 23rd pitcher in history to throw a complete game (that wasn’t rain-shortened) and allow just a triple. He’s the second pitcher to lose, and the first was back in 1953.

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Daily Roundup 08/20/14

Rick Porcello pitched a complete game-shut out.
- It was his third of the year.
– Justin Verlander has never pitched more than two in a season.
— Porcello now leads the AL in CGSOs.

The Giants ended last night’s game against the Cubs under protest.
- The protest was upheld.
– It’s the first time since 1986 that such a protest has been upheld.

Mike Zunino pinch ran.

Stephen Drew home run!

Albert Pujols infield single.

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Daily Roundup 08/19/14

Mike Zunino now has more HBPs (14) than walks (13).

John Lackey had two hits tonight.
- Via @ryanfagan, Lackey had five in previous 49 career at-bats, including the World Series.

Billy Butler scored from first on a single play.

Nick Hundley stole a base.
- He also homered.

Via @avisoep, The Braves had 14 hits tonight. The Mets have 19 hits in their last 5 games.
- Aaron Harang pitched into the ninth inning.

Chris Carter went 0-4 with four strikeouts…and then hit the game-winning home run off of Dave Robertson.

The Cardinals won on a walk-off HBP.

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Daily Roundup, 08/18/14

Your new best record in baseball: the Angels.

With Tulo falling off the list of qualifiers, Giancarlo Stanton leads the majors in OPS.
- That might not be unpredictable, but Stanton’s OPS is .964.
– That would be the lowest for a MLB leader since 1984.

The Braves won on the road…
- for the first time since July 13 (!!!).

Eric Kratz homered twice.
- Kratz didn’t even start the game.
– He came in during the seventh inning!

From last night: Michael Cuddyer hit for the cycle.
- That’s Cuddyer’s second career cycle
– and the first cycle of 2014.

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Daily Roundup 08/17/14

Jose Altuve grand slam!

Javier Baez walked.
- Javier Baez walked twice.

The Braves swept the Athletics.
- Nate Frieman hit two home runs today.
– …and was lifted for a pinch-hitter.

Speaking of crazy things, it’s August 17th and if the playoffs started today, the Royals and Mariners would both make it while the Yankees and Red Sox would stay home.

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Daily Roundup, 08/16/14

The Mets scored seven runs – on four hits.

Matt Adams and Mike Trout have five triples each (h/t @drewsilv).

Mike Morse tripled, as well.
- It was his second triple of the year.
– It was a leadoff triple – that did not score.

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Daily Roundup 08/15/14

Adrian Beltre and Dioner Navarro hit infield singles.

Via @Politicalmetrix, Mike Zunino has as many HBPs as he does walks (13).

Aroldis Chapman did not record a strikeout tonight.
- Via @thestevensharp, it’s his first appearance in 49 games where he did not do so.

Wade Davis gave up an extra-base hit.

Cliff Pennington HR!

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Daily Roundup, 08/14/14

Two pitchers struck out fourteen batters today. One was Max Scherzer. The other was Mike Fiers.
- Fiers struck out those fourteen Cubs in just six innings.
– Prior to today, he’d struck out ten batters in fifteen innings all season.
— Fiers became the eighth player ever to strike out 14+ in at most 6 full innings.
—- He joins, among others, Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan… and Kelvim Escobar.
—– Escobar did that in June 2007, to a Reds team that batted Scott Hatteberg, Brandon Phillips, Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Dunn, Edwin Encarnacion, and Josh Hamilton in the first six spots of the lineup.

Brad Penny pitched again!
- He hit a double.
– Mike Dunn has ten wins.
— The Marlins as a team have sixty wins.

Drew Butera homer.
- At .193/.268/.293 and a 60 OPS+, Butera is having the best season of his career. (h/t @mike_petriello)

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Daily Roundup 08/13/14

JP Arencibia pitched a scoreless inning for the Rangers.

Speaking of other unlikely feats, Jason Vargas threw a CGSO.
- Against the Athletics.
– It was a Maddux: a CGSO in 100 or fewer pitches.

Jackie Bradley Jr. got a hit.
- He had been 0-35.

Freddie Freeman stole a base.

Skip Schumaker and Mike Leake both hit home runs.
- They hit them in the same inning.

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Daily Roundup, 08/12/14

Pitcher Joe Kelly stole a base for the Red Sox.
- He is the first Red Sox pitcher to steal a base since Bill Landis.
– That was in 1969. (h/t Tim Britton)
— Kelly didn’t just steal a base – he stole third base.

If the Mariners win tonight – it’s currently 1-1 in the third – they’ll be tied for the second Wild Card.
- Which means they’ll have the same record as the Tigers.
– The Royals still lead the AL Central, despite getting blown out 11-3 tonight.
— They did score three runs off Jon Lester in six innings, though.

Dioner Navarro tried to bunt for a hit.

Donovan Solano home run.
- Off Adam Wainwright.

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