Daily Roundup 07/31/2014

As of four P.M. this afternoon, four of the five Red Sox pitchers in their opening day rotation are no longer on the team.
- The only one left is Clay Buchholz.

Nolan Reimold homered twice.

Via @aceofmlbstats, Ben Revere and Miguel Cabrera now each have eleven three-hit games this season.

Wade Davis allowed an extra-base hit.
- It was his first XBH allowed this season.
– Kurt Suzuki hit it.

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Daily Roundup, 07/30/14

This double play happened in Pirates/Giants.
- It happened right after a walk, too. So the Pirates made two outs on one play, when that play was a walk.
– The Giants scoring seven runs at home is YCPB at this point.

Brett Gardner homered to lead off the game again.
- He has seven home runs in July; Robinson Cano has seven home runs all year. (h/t @ktsharp)
– Colby Lewis threw seven innings, and has two quality starts against the Yankees – compared to two quality starts against everyone else, combined.

Jeurys Familia RBI.
- He’s a relief pitcher.

In Mariners/Indians, with Felix starting, a pitcher threw a “Maddux” (a complete game with less than 100 pitches)…
- and it wasn’t Felix Hernandez; it was Corey Kluber.

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Daily Roundup 07/29/14

Brett Gardner hit his thirteenth home run of the season tonight.
- He now has more home runs than anyone on the Yankees except for Mark Teixiera. Via @jondoesnotexist, he now has more than Yasiel Puig, Jayson Werth, Evan Longoria, Buster Posey, Mike Napoli, and Matt Holliday.
– J.P. Arencibia came into the game hitting .152; he had two home runs including a grand slam off of Dellin Betances and seven RBI by the seventh inning.
— The Yankees scored seven runs in an inning.

Mark Reynolds sacrifice bunt.

Emilio Bonifacio home run!

The Marlins have won nine of ten and are now a .500 team.

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Daily Roundup, 07/28/14

Jason Lane started today for the Padres.
- His last start was August 20, 2007…
– and in that start, he was a center fielder.
— Lane got the loss today, but he pitched well: 6 IP, 2 R.
—- He also had a hit.

Brett Gardner hit two home runs
- Off Yu Darvish.
– He also singled – that was his first non-homer hit off Darvish ever.
— The Yankees still lost.
—- The other players Darvish has allowed four homers to in his career are Brandon Moss and Mike Trout.

On July 21, the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 14-1. Tonight, the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 14-1.
- Additionally, both these shellackings took place at the home stadium of the team that lost big.
– Only one Blue Jay homered, and it was Melky Cabrera – who homered twice.
— There have been three nine-run innings this year, and the Blue Jays have two of them. (h/t @brendan_97)

In their history as a franchise, the Diamondbacks are 12-0 in games that go 15+ innings.

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Daily Roundup 07/27/14

Francisco Cervelli home run!
- The Blue Jays won a series at Yankee Stadium.
– It’s their first series win at the Stadium in two years.

Jimmy Nelson got his first Major League hit.
- He’d be 0-for-66.

Sam Fuld homered.
- As did Adam Rosales.

At one point, Chris Young doubled in four straight at-bats.

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Daily Roundup, 07/26/14

The Blue Jays won a game at Yankee Stadium.
- Dan Johnson – yes, he’s still around – homered.

Billy Butler has homered in back-to-back games.
- That brings his total on the year to… five.

Jordany Valdespin also homered.
- As did Ike Davis.

Sean Doolittle walked someone
- It was Robinson Chirinos.
– Meanwhile, the A’s had one hit through seventeen batters. Then, in six batters, they hit four home runs.

Matt Adams tripled.
- He’s tied for the team lead in triples.
– With Peter Bourjos!

The Arizona starter gave up six runs in just 2.2 innings, and Arizona was facing Cliff Lee.
- Arizona won.
– Nick Evans home run.

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Daily Roundup 07/25/14

Raul IbaƱez tripled.
- It’s his third of the season.
– He’s 42 years old.

Freddie Freeman also tripled.
- It was his fourth of the year.

Ichiro Suzuki hit a home run.
- The Blue Jays have lost 17 games in a row at Yankee Stadium..
– and they had a lead in 12 of them (via @trevorsthoughts).

Michael Morse infield single.

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Daily Roundup, 07/24/14

Ryan Raburn did this.
- It led to an inside-the-park home run by Mike Moustakas.
– Corey Kluber pitched nine innings, struck out 10, walked none, and won’t get a win.

The Padres scored nine runs in one inning.
- That’s tied for the most any team has scored in any inning this season.
– Jeff Francoeur has walked in two games in a row!

Delmon Young homered.

So did JP Arencibia.

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Daily Roundup 07/23/14

Bartolo Colon took a perfect game into the seventh inning.

Yu Darvish balked in a run.
- Brett Gardner has two home runs off of Darvish in seven at-bats.
– It took the Yankees 14 innings to win last night; it took them four and a half to win tonight.
— Via @ktsharp, tonight is the first time Yankees won a game that was called in the bottom of 5th inning since September 17, 1969.

Joba Chamberlain, RP, got to bat.

Jose Molina doubled.
- Via @souperutil, it’s his first extra-base hit off of a right-handed pitcher all season (133 ABs).

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Daily Roundup, 07/22/14

Twice in a week, Brian McCann has reached base on an infield pop-up that the infielders let fall between them.
- Brian Roberts was IBBed.
– It worked.
— JP Arencibia homered.

Chris Perez walked four batters
- in a row.

Adam Wainwright walked James Loney with the bases loaded.

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