Daily Roundup, 04/30/11

- Detroit struck out 17 Indians over 13 innings, and still lost.
– The Indians have had their best April. Ever. They’ve been around for 110 years.
— h/t @ABJCavsInsider, the Indians won 18 games in April. The Cavs won 19 games all season.
—- The Twins and White Sox are already nine games back of Cleveland.
—– The Twins’ last win was last Sunday, and they’ve gone 0-4 since then. The White Sox are 2-3 since then. Tigers, also 0-4.
—— The Royals had a winning April. It’s only their third winning April in 22 years.

- Roy Halladay started against the Mets today.
– That he dominated them isn’t unpredictable, but the guy took seventeen pitches to get through the lineup, one through nine, the first time. All those pitches were strikes.
— At least Ryan Howard went 0-for-4?

- James Shields was three outs away from his third consecutive complete game (with twelve strikeouts, too), until the Angels scratched out a run in the top of the ninth to tie it up.
– The Rays did win in the bottom of the tenth, on a walk-off wild pitch.
— Then again, it was off Fernando Rodney…
—- Sam Fuld bunted into his own face.

- Sean O’Sullivan walked seven Twins in six innings. His team won 11-2.
– Uh, Joe Nathan.

- The Red Sox had seven hits (five of which were doubles) and six walks in a game at Fenway.
– They were shut out.
— Then again, the Mariners had eight hits and four walks in nine innings, and only scored two runs. Buuuut it’s the Mariners.

- Brett Anderson: 5 IP, 7 R/ER, 3 K, 4 BB.
– Which raised his ERA all the way to 2.95.

- Last night Nick Punto had the big go-ahead triple for the Cardinals against the Braves. Today it was… are you ready for this?… Gerald Laird.

- In Giants/Nationals, Jonathan Sanchez gave the Nationals seven baserunners in the first two innings.
– He walked four in the first inning alone.
— The Nationals didn’t score.
—- The winning run in this 2-1 victory scored on a… bases-loaded walk to Aubrey Huff.
—– San Francisco pitchers struck out eleven, and walked nine.

- Matt Garza has over a third of his total strikeouts from last season, and didn’t give up a home run the entire month.
– He got his first win today, and it took until the ninth inning for him to get it.

- Josh Johnson didn’t have much tonight against the Reds. So of course, all he did was throw seven innings of shutout, five-hit ball against the Reds, with six strikeouts.
– Those five hits were a SEASON HIGH so far.
— He left leading 1-0, and the Marlins quickly increased that to 3-0.
—- However, the next inning, they blew that lead and let the Reds tie it up. It started with two outs, no one on, too.

- AJ Burnett picked Rajai Davis off.
– Mike McCoy homered, and Jose Bautista didn’t.
— It was McCoy’s first major league home run. He has 3692 minor league PAs, and 34 home runs.

- Wandy Rodriguez threw eight innings of shutout ball and didn’t get a win.
– Brandon Lyon did… for blowing the save and then having the Astros come back and win in the bottom of the ninth.

- Last night, after we published the roundup: two outs, no one on, leading 3-1, Jonathan Broxton about to have a 1-2-3 inning against the Padres. Will Venable bloop single. Venable to 2B on defensive indifference. Orlando Hudson single between second and third, Venable scores. Chase Headley single through the hole at first, Hudson moves to third. Nick Hundley hits an absolute rocket that scores not only Hudson, but probably Headley too – only Tony Gwynn Jr. makes an awesome catch to save the game.
– So basically Broxton gave up ten million easy little bloops and ground balls, but when he gave up an actual hard-hit ball, it was caught. BABIP, we love you.

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