Daily Roundup, 05/09/11

- If you took out all of Jose Bautista’s non-walks and non-home runs and turned them into outs, he’d still have a .340 OBP.

- The Pirates are now over .500. (They’re also two games back in the NL Central.)
– The Rangers aren’t. Remember, they started 6-0 and 9-1.
— To get to over .500, the Pirates beat the Dodgers, who had ten hits. And one run.
—- The Twins also had one run on ten hits. Then again, considering the 2011 Twins so far, this is in no way unpredictable.
—– Nick Blackburn struck out the side at one point in today’s game. That was the first time he’s ever done that in his major league career – spanning 612.1 innings.
—— Speaking of seriously underperforming AL Central teams, it’s the top of the eighth in Anaheim and the White Sox are winning 8-0. Assuming they hold on, they’ll have won three games in a row. Three! In a row!

- Related to talks of the Rangers and teams getting a lot of hits but not very many runs: Oakland had four hits in their win over the Rangers. And seven runs. (They also walked eight times, and struck out only twice.)

- Milton Bradley was DFAd. This now means that the Carlos Silva/Milton Bradley trade was… um… well I suppose saying it was fair for both sides is diplomatic, right?

- Travis Wood HR.

- Let me end your night with this awesome play by…… Yuniesky Betancourt.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 05/09/11

  1. Chad says:

    Yuniesky gets all the credit for that behind-the-back glove flip, but Rickie Weeks deserves some credit for making that play amazing as well–he caught that flip in his throwing hand and took away the need for a transfer.

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