Daily Roundup, 05/24/11

- At one point in the Blue Jays/Yankees game, Corey Patterson drew a five-pitch walk off CC Sabathia to load the bases for Jose Bautista.
– …who grounded out on the first pitch.
— Bautista went 0-for-4 today.
—- CC Sabathia actually got the complete game win today (and he would’ve gotten the loss if his team hadn’t scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth). The last complete game win for the Yankees was CC on May 8, 2009. That’s a 341-game stretch between nine-inning complete game wins (CC’s had two since, but they were a rain-shortened game and an eight-inning complete game loss), the longest in AL history.

- Dan Haren vs. Guillermo Moscoso. Moscoso was making his first big league start, and had a 4.02 minor league ERA. Now, Moscoso was up against the Angels, who haven’t really lit it up offensively, but Haren was going up against the Athletics, who are probably even worse.
– You can see where this is going. Moscoso threw six innings of three-hit shutout ball, while Dan Haren gave up five runs in seven innings to the As.

- Two home runs by Alex Avila.
– This might be why the Tigers won, despite four errors.

- Milwaukee’s Corey Hart came into the series against the Nats with no home runs on the year. He now has more home runs than every Nat except Werth, Nix, and Espinoza.

- Every team in baseball has been shut out at least once. The teams that have been shut out only once? Tampa Bay (26-22 now, but remember their AWFUL offensive start?), Arizona (23-24), and … Houston (18-30, and not exactly known for their offense).

- Mets pitchers have given up 19 runs in their last 9 innings.
– Today, in their game against the Cubs, Carlos Zambrano pinch-hit for Ryan Dempster.
— He got a hit and some RBIs for that pinch-hit, too.
—- At one point earlier in the game, the Met catcher got an error for… trying to pick off Dempster at first base but throwing the ball away.
—– The Cubs won 11-1; the Cubs had 13 hits to the Mets’ 9.

- The Indians lost at home, to send them all the way down to 19-5 there. Whoah.

- Someone named Javy Guerra got the save for the Dodgers.

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