Daily Roundup, 05/28/11

Sorry for the lateness of late on these roundups, but the Yankees are on the West Coast. Roundups may not come until those games are over. Anyway…

- Michael Pineda and Felix Hernandez walked five Yankees on back-to-back nights.
– Ichiro also went 0-for-6 for just the eighth time in his career, and the first time since 2008.
— The Mariners won both those games.
—- it also took Felix 1+ innings to give up as many runs to the Yankees as he did all of last year.
—– There were more crazy fans that ran out on the field, including a streaker (4) than there were swinging strikes by Ivan Nova, the Yankees’ starter (1).
—— Derek Jeter went 2-for-3 against Felix with a double, and the one non-hit was a lineout.

- Zach Duke threw seven shutout innings in his return from the DL today.
– He also hit a three-run home run.
— on an 0-2 pitch.
—- against the Astros. They have now given up four home runs to pitchers – or as many as the rest of baseball combined.
—– Uh, the Diamondbacks have won 11 of 12 and 13 of 15? What?

- Francisco Liriano was scheduled to start the Angels/Twins game, but was bothered with shoulder issues. Anthony Swarzak, a spot starter, started instead.
– He took a no-hitter into the eighth.
— It was broken up by Peter Bourjos.
—- He didn’t get a win, because his team couldn’t score. They ended up winning in extras.
—– It was the Twins’ sixth win in twenty games (!!!!!!!!!) at Target Field this year. Yeah.
—— Let’s not overlook Jered Weaver’s awesome nine shutout innings in this game. .686 WPA… and his team lost.

- Another Jose Bautista home run. He has twenty. Oakland has 28, Seattle has 27.
– In the CHW/TOR game, Corey Patterson went 5-for-7 with a walk-off home run.
— he hit that home run off… Gavin Floyd. As in the starting pitcher Gavin Floyd. In the 14th inning.
—- While Omar Vizquel was playing first base. For the first time in his career, actually.

- Colorado, who has really been struggling offensively, faced Jaime Garcia, who’s been excellent all year.
– Of course, Garcia gave up 11 ER/12 R over 3.1 IP.
— His ERA went from 1.93 to 3.28.
—- Actually, this relatively early, I’m surprised it didn’t go up more.

- Atlanta’s really good pitching staff gave up a 5-0 lead.
– They won anyway.
— Jeremy Horst, a Reds reliever, made his debut in this game. He threw a perfect inning to begin, striking out two, then hit an RBI single in the next inning.

- In their last 137 road games, the Pirates have reached double digit runs three times.
– They were all against the Cubs.
— Paul Malholm complete game shutout.

- Evan Longoria batted leadoff.
– and hit a home run.

- Royals/Rangers.
– The Rangers hit back-to-back-to-back home runs.
— They were the 7-8-9 hitters.
—- Who today, were Mitch Moreland, Mike Napoli, and…….. Endy Chavez.
—– Royals starter Sean O’Sullivan gave up 15 hits and five home runs (!!!). The last pitcher to do that was Hugh Casey, in 1940. h/t @lonestarball
—— he had a negative game score.
——- the final score of this game was 10-1. And yes – a Ranger got a save.
——– …who is Yoshinori Tateyama?

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