Daily Roundup, 05/29/11

- The Blue Jays won 13-4.
– John Danks is 0-8.
— Jose Bautista DID NOT homer.
—- Edwin Encarnacion, Aaron Hill, and Corey Patterson all did.
—– It was Encarnacion and Hill’s first homers of the year.

- Aaron Heilman is 4-0? Aaron Heilman is 4-0.
– With an ERA in the eights.
— The Diamondbacks are now 29-24 and lead the NL West. It’s almost June.

- The Dodgers had 17 hits? Sure.
– So did the Mets. Against Philly!
– And the Twins had 13! (and lost)

- One night only, in Arlington: Battle of the formerly elite closers who are currently really struggling!!!!
– With the game tied at 5-5 in KCR/TEX, Neftali Feliz came in and gave up the go-ahead run. Guess he just has to go ahead and call the Royals his daddy?
— Joakim Soria came in to save the game for the Royals, and promptly gave up a game-tying home run to Nelson Cruz. Mike Napoli singled right after, but the next two batters struck out. Apparently that didn’t matter, because Elvis Andrus singled, and Napoli scored.
—- From first.
—– No seriously. Mike Napoli.

- Eduardo Nunez triple. It ended up like this.

- Hey, the Cubs beat the Pirates.

- Scott Kazmir gave up ten runs in a rehab start. I know he’s broken, but seriously. Ten runs. Good lord.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 05/29/11

  1. Chad says:

    Truly heads-up baserunning by Napoli. The second of those announcers in that clip mentioned that Peña expected to have to go wide to get the tag, and Napoli just went straight in and under. I’m going to call that a case of the more experienced catcher getting the better of the kid…wait, what? Peña actually made his debut the season before Napoli did? I knew Napoli wasn’t exactly a veteran, but I didn’t think…eh, Peña was a backup at the start of his career, stuck behind Brian McCann. That explains why I hadn’t heard of him until recently–I don’t even follow the NL that closely, so a bench player on an NL team…

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