Daily Roundup, 05/30/11

- Bartolo Colon complete game shutout!
– He was backed up by his offense. Both Brett Gardner and Francisco Cervelli stole two bases. Brett Gardner is known for his speed, but Cervelli is a backup catcher who had one career stolen base before today.

- Meanwhile, Roy Halladay gave up three home runs. To the Nationals.
– and won.

- You know who else won? Jo Jo Reyes!
– Jo Jo Reyes now has more wins as Ubaldo and John Danks. Combined.
— He also has as many wins as Chris Carpenter, Jeff Francis, Tim Stauffer, Jeff Niemann, Brandon McCarthy — and, of course, Wilson Valdez.
—- He beat Cleveland to get this win, too.

- Chad Billingsley gave up 11 hits to the Rockies, a career high, and the Rockies (who he’s facing) have 14 hits overall in this game…
– And he got the win too, because the Rockies only scored one run. Seriously. 14 hits, 1 run.

- With 5.2 IP and 7 ER, Jon Lester’s ERA rose to 3.96.
– That’s a below-average ERA, BTW.
— Needz moar steroids.

- Wade Davis gave up 12 hits in 2.2 innings. That’s… impressive.
– Pitching against him, Derek Holland got the win for five walks and five runs in five innings.
— The Rangers have fifteen home runs in their last four games. They had three home runs in ten games before that.
—- Mike Napoli has four home runs and eight RBIs in the last three games. He went 14 starts with no home runs and four RBIs.

- This play, or call, or uh, something, which gave the Tigers the win over the Twins.

- Endy Chavez homered.
– So did Josh Wilson.

- The Braves have played eight extra inning games in their last 18 games.
– They lost today, in the top of the tenth, because the Padres’ backup catcher Kyle Phillips, only up in the big leagues because their normal catcher is on the DL, hit his first big league home run.

- Uh, Joakim Soria.
– Yeah, relievers are fickle things, but if you saw a guy with a track record going from basically Mariano Rivera-level awesome (I said basically, Mo please don’t strike me down) to what Soria is this year, you are lying.
— The Angels, the team he blew a save to today, won after facing a five-run deficit… including a three-run deficit after six pitches.

- Kelly Johnson hit two home runs…
– and was a single short of the cycle. Of course, HR, HR, 2B, 3B is a better day than HR, 1B, 2B, 3B, but the latter will be remembered and the former won’t, really.
— h/t @amazinavenue, since 1919 there have been 231 cycles and only 18 HR/HR/2B/3B games.
—- Yes, the Diamondbacks still lead the NL West.
—– and the Mariners are over .500.

- Four games had final scores of 7-3 today. THIS MEANS SOMETHING!!!!

- Lastly, the good people over at the ESPN Stats and Info blog had some fun tidbits about today on their blog. It actually was not a NEEDZ MOAR STEROIDS day, as it turns out. Check it out.

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