Daily Roundup, 06/05/11

- Jose Bautista has not hit a home run in a week O_O
– Albert Pujols hit another home run today – another walk-off home run, to boot.
— on the first day of June, Pujols was hitting .267/.336/.419. He’s now hitting .278/.353/.473.
—- with Pujols at the plate in the bottom of the tenth and the score tied, the Cubs went to… Rodrigo Lopez. (It did not work.)
—– Pujols still has 16 GIDP to lead MLB, but at least Torii Hunter tied him today.

- The Giants got their first hit in their game against the Rockies in the sixth inning.
– Miguel Tejada got that hit.
— the Giants won.
—- Mostly thanks to Ryan Vogelsong. Juan Marichal never had a run of six straight starts where he gave up one earned run or less. Tim Lincecum hasn’t done it. Vogelsong now has.
—– Vogelsong has enough innings to qualify for stats leaderboards now. His 1.68 ERA trails only Josh Johnson’s.

- Brett Anderson has given up 14 ER in his last two starts.
– Remember how he hadn’t given up XBH to lefties since 2009, prior to his last start? Errr, yeah. Today he gave up home runs to Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.

- Ryan Raburn grand slam.
– That’s actually his third career grand slam.
— This happened in the Tigers/White Sox game, where Jake Peavy threw three perfect innings – then gave up six runs in the fourth.

- The Reds are only one game ahead of the Pirates.
– Maybe because the former gave up twenty runs to the Dodgers in two games.
— Chad Billingsley HR!

- In a four game series with the Rays, who can pitch, the Mariners scored seven, seven, two, and nine runs, and won three of four.

- The Twins swept a four game series! The Twins swept a four game series!!!

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