Daily Roundup, 06/08/11

- Remember when everyone thought Oakland would win the AL West this year? I mean, it’s obviously not too late, but they’ve lost nine in a row.
– The first six were to the Yankees and Red Sox. Fine. These last three have been to the…….. Orioles.

- Carl Pavano went 7 IP with 1 R against Cleveland and got a no decision.
– Matt Capps blew the save for him, giving up a game-tying home run to Jack Hannahan with two out in the ninth inning.
— Who got the win in this game? You guessed it – Matt Capps.
—- The Twins have won six of seven to pull within… eleven and a half games of Cleveland. Oh.

- The Cubs hit back-to-back homers.
– Carlos Quentin and Prince Fielder hit two home runs.
— Quentin’s team lost.
—- Mostly because of Miguel Olivo, who hit a home run and a tiebreaking double in the Mariners’ game against the White Sox. Honestly, I mention this only to point out his home/road splits from last year – .318/.349/.556 at home, .211/.276/.322 away – and his first half/second half splits from then too – .325/.377/.548 in the first half, .193/.225/.313 in the second.

- Matt Cain won today with a complete game where he struck out 11.
– He also had an RBI double.
— The last out of this game was a HBP that the batter swung at and missed, so, strikeout.

- The Mets scored five runs in the top of the eighth to turn a 2-1 deficit into a 6-2 advantage.
– They scored a run off Randy Wolf because he balked. This was the first balk in his career.
— Pedro Beato, who was really good at one point this season, gave up a two-run double to Ryan Braun to cut it to 6-4. Jason Isringhausen, making a nice comeback story for himself, gave up Prince Fielder’s second home run of the game to make it 6-6.
—- In the bottom of the ninth, the Brewers walked off. Against the Mets maybe this isn’t SO unpredictable, but the Mets actually haven’t had a walk-off win OR a walk-off loss this year – before this game. Scoring the winning run was Craig Counsell, who had walked to lead off the bottom of the eighth.
—– Oh, and Ronny Paulino went 4-for-4 in this game with a home run, by the way.

- Derek Lowe had a no-hitter through 6.1.
– This isn’t so much surprising as much as it was broken up by Greg Dobbs.

- The Pirates needed fifteen hits over twelve innings to score three runs, and win.
– Against the red-hot Diamondbacks.
— The Pirates are .500! The Pirates are .500!
—- this with Pedro Alvarez, who I had a prospect crush on and who I still think will be really good, actually putting up a negative WAR. On the other hand, their pitching is killing it, so.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup, 06/08/11

  1. Alex Hayes says:

    A quick question; if the batter swings at the pitch, gets hit, but strikes out as you said here, does that HBP go down in the pitchers season stats?

  2. Chad says:

    Wait, you mentioned that Lowe had a no-hitter for 6.1, but failed to mention that this was not the longest no-hit bid of the day? Especially because Lowe at least has a past no-hitter to his credit, so we know he’s capable of throwing one.
    -Bud Norris no-hit the Cardinals for 6.2 innings.
    –He had faced the minimum 15 batters through five innings despite walking the leadoff batter in three of them.
    —Lance Berkman broke up the no-hitter with a home run. This is entirely predictable.
    —-Norris went out again for the eighth and failed to give up a hit, though he did issue his fifth walk of the game. He was only denied the opportunity to go for the complete-game one-hitter because his lineup spot came up with two outs and a runner in scoring position in the bottom of the eighth and the Astros were only ahead by two runs.

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