Daily Roundup, 06/09/11

Player A: .257/.324/.305
Player B: .256/.308/.298

Who Players A & B are will be at the bottom of this roundup.

- Cubs/Phillies…
– the Phillies had a three-run lead early.
— Ryan Madson gave up back-to-back home runs to blow the save. Those were the first home runs allowed by Madson this year.
—- One was by Tyler Colvin, who was in an 0-for-33 skid.
—– That home run was actually overruled.
—— Colvin scored the go-ahead run for the Cubs in the eleventh. He got on base originally on an infield single.

- The Braves swept the Marlins in Florida for the first time since 1995 holy whoah. Has it really been that long? The Braves were a great team for a really long time, and the Marlins had some awful years in there.
– The Braves scored seven runs in this series.
— The Marlins are down to 31-30 after their great start.

- The Red Sox swept the Yankees in New York for the second time in a month. They’ve won six in a row in the Bronx – that’s the first time they’ve done that since 1912. No seriously.
– CC Sabathia had given up two hits going into the seventh, when he gave up seven runs.

- Alex Avila had two triples in the Tigers game.
– He’s a catcher.

- Don’t look now, but the Twins won again.

– He has been facing Royals pitching too.

A: Juan Pierre
B: Ichiro Suzuki

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