Daily Roundup, 06/13/11

Lots of off days today. Not the most interesting of days, either. But we are still here!

- Zach Duke has as many home runs as Derek Jeter and Jason Bay.
– Duke homered off Ricky Nolasco.
— By the end of the fourth inning in Diamondbacks/Marlins, three different pitchers had extra-base hits.

- The Yankees had bases loaded, nobody out in the first inning of their game. They didn’t score.
– They lost 1-0.
— Cleveland is 2-9 in their last 11 games. Both wins were 1-0 Carlos Carrasco wins.
—- This 1-0 pitchers’ duel was the result of a Carlos Carrasco/AJ Burnett matchup, by the way.
—– Florida also had bases loaded, nobody out today, and didn’t score.
—— Chris Perez, Cleveland’s closer, had a 5.0 K/9 coming into tonight’s game. So of course he struck out the side against the Yankees.

- Speaking of shutouts, the only team in baseball that hasn’t been shut out yet is the Astros.
– Speaking of the Astros and closers, Brandon Lyon since April 23: 7 IP, 16 H, 14 ER, 5 BB, 4 K.

- Brandon Wood home run against the Mets, whose pitching has been really good of late.
– Vernon Wells also homered.
— ETA: He just homered again! And he’s playing in Safeco tonight.

- The Tigers had 11 hits, and only two runs.
– They won.

- h/t @truebluela, Andre Ethier has only three home runs in his last 46 games at Dodger Stadium, but is still hitting a very good .305/.389/.425 over those games.

Because of the short slate and roundup tonight, here’s a random link to a pretty cool summary I found of a rather memorable game (don’t click, Mariners fans). And sure, Cleveland in 2001 was no pushover – but they did this against a 116-win team.

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  1. ecp says:

    Astros were shut out 5-0 by the Brewers on April 29.

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