Daily Roundup, 06/14/11

First things first, woohoo! We have our own website now!

And on to the craziness.

- A night after getting shut out by Carlos Carrasco, the Yankees hung this line on Alexi Ogando and his 2.10 ERA coming into tonight: 1.1 IP, 6 ER.
– Oh, and none of those runs came via a home run.
— All in all, they scored twelve runs against Texas pitching, which has been very good on the road – and again, they got shut out last night.
—- Alexi Ogando has allowed more than two runs three times all year, and twice has been to the Yankees. He has a 12.38 ERA against them, and 1.68 against every other team. His other poor start was against… the Royals, by the way.
—– Ogando had a strand rate above 88% before tonight’s game. He allowed six of seven baserunners to score tonight. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, regression, I know, I know. Let me have some YCPB fun.)

- He didn’t pitch tonight, but I would like to point out some AJ Burnett wackiness. He gave up a combined 3 ER over 22.2 IP on April 25, May 11, and June 13. He got two losses and a no decision from those starts. With the Yankee offense behind him.
– Then again, he gave up 8 ER in 12.1 IP in two starts on April 13 and April 30 and won both those games. So, it all kind of evens out.
— Burnett has a 4.50 ERA and a 1.029 WHIP in losses this year. Obviously there’s a lot of baseball to be played, but last year he had a 10.35 ERA and a WHIP over two in losses.

- Toronto’s beaten Baltimore fifteen times in a row at home. That’s the longest active winning streak by one team at home against any other team. Yeah, Baltimore isn’t very good, but Toronto hasn’t lit the world on fire either.
– Baltimore actually managed to come back from down 4-1 tonight before the Blue Jays won in extra innings. A big part of this comeback was a home run by Matt Wieters… immediately following a Vlad Guerrero walk.

- Down 6-1 to the very good Cardinals early (Yunesky Maya stunk – sometimes you can predict baseball), the offensively-challenged Nationals fought back to win 8-6.
– The Nationals did almost all their damage in the bottom of the seventh, scoring six runs via five hits, three walks, and a HBP. Cardinals bullpen, um.

- Trevor Cahill has a 3.5 BB/9 this year – not particularly low, but not outrageously high, either. Tonight he walked seven Royals through 4.1 IP, and struck out none.
– One of those Royals that he walked was Jeff Francoeur.
— Actually, he did that twice.

- presented without comment, your leaders, in order, in AL catcher All-Star Game voting: Russell Martin, Alex Avila, Joe Mauer, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Yorvit Torrealba.

- The Red Sox took a nine-game winning streak into Tampa Bay today. They scored a combined thirty runs in their last two games. Of course James Shields threw a complete game shutout against them.
– James Shields has three complete game shutouts this year. He had two in his entire career before 2011.

- Justin Verlander had a no-hitter through 7.1 IP. Maybe that’s not so much unpredictable as was the fact that Orlando Cabrera broke it up.
– Both Francisco Liriano and Verlander had their no-hitters this season in the same week. Then they had their almost no-hitters (if it’s through seven, it’s serious, at least in my opinion – which doesn’t count for much) in the same week, too.
— Verlander had this near no-hitter against the Indians. By the way, for the first time since April 6, the Indians don’t have a share of first place in the AL Central.
—- Since the Indians were 30-15, they’ve been shut out more times than they’ve won.

- As long as we’re talking about teams in freefall – remember how the Marlins started off? Yeah… they’ve lost 11 of 12 and 13 of 16 and they’re under .500 now.
– They lost to the Phillies 9-1 today – and this was actually a “comeback” win for Philadelphia.
— The Marlins have the third-worst run differential in the NL.
—- And they’re behind the Mets in the division standings.
—– Both the Mets and Yankees are 28-22 in their last 50.

- Speaking of the Mets, they had nine hits and five walks today, in a game Jair Jurrjens started against them.
– They still only scored four runs because all the hits were singles and they were 3-for-14 with runners in scoring position.
— They still won
—- against the Braves! At Turner Field!
—– thanks to our friends at ESPN Stats and Info, Jurrjens began the year with eleven quality starts, the most by any Braves pitcher since Maddux in 1994. This ended tonight, to the Mets.

- You know who IS a .500 team? THE PIRATES! And it’s JUNE 14!!!!
– The Mariners lost tonight, dropping them to .500, too, for the first time in two weeks. I really did not think we’d be talking about these two teams at .500 this late in the year. But hey, let me direct you to the title of this site.

I don’t know how YCPB this is, really, but consider this your link of the day. Well, then.

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  1. Chad says:

    Oh, man, that link is great. Loved the commenter who said he thought it was an Onion headline, and of course, I had to correct the guy who said LeBron changed his number out of respect to Jordan (truth is, for no apparent reason the Heat decided to retire Jordan’s #23 even though he never played for them.)

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