Daily Roundup, 06/18/11

- Jon Lester’s allowed fourteen home runs so far in 2011 – or the same amount as he allowed in 208 innings in 2010.
– George Kottaras homered off him today.
— Four pitches into the game, Lester had given up two home runs.
—- Rickie Weeks homered after Adrian Gonzalez dropped his foul pop-up on the first pitch, too. He’s the first player to lead off a game with a home run after a dropped foul pop-up since 1979. (I love how Elias knows this stuff.)
—– And yes, the Red Sox actually lost.

- The Yankee bullpen, which is kind of in a really messy situation with Joba Chamberlain, Rafael Soriano, Damaso Marte, and Pedro Feliciano all out, some for the year, hadn’t given up a run in eight games before today.
– The person who gave up that run was Mariano Rivera.
— It was a home run to Reed Johnson.
—- Errr, this call.
—– The Yankees had eleven hits and ten walks. They only scored four runs. Ryan Dempster gave up three runs in 5.1 innings with fourteen baserunners (he got sixteen outs, for comparison’s sake).
—— They won.
——- With thanks to @williamnyy23, here are some pretty astounding facts since we’re talking Yankees/Cubs. Since 1908, the Yankees have won more championships (27) than the Cubs have won individual postseason games (18). They’ve won more World Series games at Wrigley Field than the Cubs, too (four to three).
——– The Yankees have actually not hit a home run in their last three games, and one went twelve innings.

- The Marlins lost again, and are now 1-17 (!!!!) in June.
– On May 26, they were 29-19. They’ve gone 3-20 since.

- Chris Nelson, who didn’t have a major league home run before the Rockies’ series with the Tigers, has hit home runs in two games in a row.
– Both off Tiger pitching, which is generally very good.
— Phil Coke doesn’t have a lot of strikeouts, but he’s actually pitched pretty well (3.69 ERA, 105 ERA+, 3.53 FIP) despite a 1-6 record before tonight. Well, tonight he walked seven in five innings, giving up four runs.
—- Ubaldo actually got the win for five innings of three-run ball.
—– Phil Coke’s ERA was almost a full run lower than Ubaldo’s coming into this game, by the way.

- Joey Votto hasn’t reached base in the last two games. That’s his longest streak of not getting on base in consecutive games since three games where he didn’t get on base in August 2009. Yeah, he’s pretty good.

- The Astros had bases loaded, nobody out, against Rubby de la Rosa of the Dodgers. They made two outs and the batter at the plate had a 1-2 count with no runners in – and they ended up scoring five runs in the inning.
– This was the fifth inning. In the first four innings, de la Rosa threw four total pitches out of the strike zone. In the two-thirds of the fifth inning, he threw twenty pitches out of the strike zone.

- Ouch, John Danks.
– Apparently this was not a big deal, because he went on to put up this line: 7 IP, 2 R/1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K. With his luck this year, that’s pretty surprising.
— Alex Rios homered (for the first time since May 21).

- Elvis Andrus stole home against the Braves. I probably don’t have to remind you that he was included in the Mark Teixeira trade, which might make this the most predictable thing ever.
– He has more steals than the entire Braves team.
— The Braves lost eventually, but they tied it up in the late innings because of… Dan Uggla doing something positive!!!

- Which is more surprising, this from Mike Pelfrey: 9 IP, 5 H, 1 R/ER, 0 BB, 5 K…
– or this from Dan Haren in the same game: 4 IP, 7 H, 6 R/ER, 1 BB, 2 K?
— Pelfrey is the first Mets pitcher to throw a complete game in interleague since Steve Trachsel in 2003, also against the Angels. We can all assume Trachsel’s game took much longer.
—- ETA: From Jordan, maybe the most unpredictable thing in this whole roundup: hey, Trachsel’s game took only eleven minutes longer, maybe because it was a one-hitter.
—– The one hit was… yep. David Eckstein.

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