Daily Roundup, 06/21/11

- Arizona beat the Royals 7-2. I mention this to point out a few things:
– Joe Saunders pitched for Arizona – seven innings of two-run ball.
— Alex Gordon was a single short of the cycle.
—- Wily Mo Pena homered! In the majors!
—– Arizona’s back in first place again.

- The Mariners and Nationals were playing each other today. So there was a Seattle-Washington game. I dunno, guys, I’m easily amused.
– The Mariners blew a four-run lead in the ninth.
— The winning pitcher in the Seattle/Washington game? COFFEY.

- The Red Sox lost.
– To the Padres.
— In the first inning, Alfredo Aceves walked five straight Padres after having bases empty and two outs.
—- David Ortiz stole a base – his first since 2008.
—– David Ortiz stole a base the same night Jacoby Ellsbury was caught stealing, too.
—— the eventual winning run was driven in by Anthony Rizzo – part of the package the Red Sox used to trade for Adrian Gonzalez. (I doubt Boston’s too annoyed.)

– Hanley Ramirez actually played and went 2-for-4. He’s now batting… .206? Ouch.
— Adding to the absurdity of all of this is the fact that the winning pitcher was Javy Vazquez.
—- Who gave up ten hits in 5.1 IP – and no runs.
—– Jack McKeon pulled Randy Choate in the middle of an at-bat. Yeah.

- Dillon Gee took his first loss of the year, getting hammered by – the Athletics?
– He walked six in four innings. Yikes.
— The Mets didn’t win, but their offensive hero of the night, going 3-for-3 with a home run, triple, and a walk – Jason Bay?!?!
—- Hideki Matsui played the outfield and didn’t explode.

- Speaking of walks, Colorado’s Jhoulys Chacin had a no-hitter through 5.1… but he’d walked six.
– Seth Smith had six home runs, but only one on the road, before tonight’s game. So of course he hit two home runs tonight, in a road game.

- Going into the top of the eighth inning, St. Louis had a 2-1 lead over Philadelphia. This was how the inning went:
– Lineout. Single. Walk. Hit by pitch. Hit by pitch, forcing home the tying run. Strikeout. Single. Bases-loaded walk. Bases-loaded walk. Single. Walk. Single. Single. Flyout.
— Final score 10-2 Philadelphia. Oops.
—- Philadelphia won, and scored ten runs, without a single extra-base hit.
—– At some point in all this madness, a lefty reliever was removed for a righty reliever… to face Ryan Howard.

- Yes, I’ve been saving the Twins/Giants game for last.
– Madison Bumgarner tonight, against the Twins: 0.1 IP, 9 H, 8 R/ER, 0 BB, 1 K. Yeah, you read that right.
— The first eight batters of the game got hits – and all of them scored.
—- The only out he recorded was a strikeout of Carl Pavano – the AL pitcher.
—– the next pitcher was able to get two outs – on a double play off the bat of Joe Mauer.
—— from @jaysonst, it took the Twins almost a month to score more than six runs in a game. Today, they scored six runs before they made an out.
——- Bumgarner is the first pitcher in the live-ball era to give up nine hits and not record at least two outs.
——– As a final note, Alexi Casilla has homered in back-to-back games.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 06/21/11

  1. Bryan says:

    I love the disparity in the way the two keepers of WAR will evaluate Bumgarner’s outing. Fangraphs will only measure outcomes within a pitcher’s control, so in their eyes, Bumgarner had one success (the strikeout of Pavano) and no failures (walks or homeruns). Bumgarner’s FIP for the game was 0.00. Baseball-reference will measure runs surrendered, and he gave up eight of them in 1/3 inning. That’s a 216.00 ERA. The truth has to lie somewhere in between (the runs weren’t all Bumgarner’s fault, but hey were “earned”), but where?

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