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Earlier this season, we marveled at the extraordinary season Ryan Vogelsong has been having for the San Francisco Giants.

It’s now time to stop marveling, and to start getting serious.

Vogelsong is a little over an inning from qualifying for rate stats (such as ERA), but a1.86 ERA in 11 starts is clearly nothing to sneeze at. He’s got an ERA+ of 200 — indicating he’s a well above average starter this season (currently the only qualified starter in either league with a higher ERA+ is Josh Beckett).

Ryan Vogelsong has never had an ERA+ of 100 (indicating league-average-ness) in his career.

He’s had just one start this season where he allowed more than five runs (in true YCPB fashion, it came against the Mets). Since then it’s been almost impossible to score against him — even if that hits-to-runs-scored ratio is probably unsustainable over the long haul.

It’s too early to start talking about end-of-season awards, although at this point Vogelsong would have to have a pretty astounding drop-off or unfortunate injury (please don’t kill us, Giants fans, we know this year’s been tough) to avoid being the comeback player of the year.

It is, however, not too early to suggest that Vogelsong belongs on the All Star team, and it is late enough in the season to start thinking he might just be able to do this all season. Given the Giants’ injury issues, Vogelsong might not have a choice.

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