Daily Roundup, 06/23/11

Hello, all! Unfortunately, today had a rather abbreviated schedule and not too much craziness – so feel free to read Rebecca’s article on Ryan Vogelsong while I chronicle the little that happened.

- Jason Marquis of the Nationals had a no-hitter through 5.1 against the Mariners. Yeah, it’s the Mariners. It’s also Jason Marquis.
– Michael Pineda broke it up.
— Mariners starters gave up 1 ER in 21 IP in this series…
—- and the Mariners were swept.
—– this after they won two out of three against the Phillies a little while ago. Baseball is weird.
—— Maybe they got swept because they let Pudge reach on a bunt at one point.

- So the Nationals sweep the Mariners, and they’re now over .500. They’ve won 11 of their last 12. They’re doing pretty well, in other words.
– Jim Riggleman, the Nationals’ manager, promptly quits. It was because they wouldn’t commit to picking up his option, but whoah.

- Tim Lincecum was very, very good today against a Twins lineup that didn’t include Joe Mauer. This is not unpredictable.
– What was? He walked against Brian Duensing, who was also pretty darn solid today – 6.2 IP of 1-run ball with five strikeouts and two walks. Yeah, it’s against the Giants lineup, but it’s not like Duensing is some stud himself.
— At one point Lincecum struck out six Twins in a row, then walked Alexi Casilla. Slow day, guys.
—- Also, this loss meant the Twins lost their first series since the beginning of the month. Who thought we’d be saying this at the end of, well, last month?

- Cliff Lee pinch-hit.
– A team scored 12 runs against Philly pitching.
— Chris Carpenter won against them today. That’s his second win this year. This win propelled the Cardinals to a first-place tie – so, yeah, the Cardinals are tied for first in the NL Central with a blah Chris Carpenter, no Adam Wainwright, a diminished Albert Pujols, and tons of other injuries.

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