Daily Roundup, 06/24/11

- James Shields had his third complete game in a row.
– Okay, okay, it was against the Astros, but seriously.
— The Astros had three pitchers pitch in this game. They all had the last name Rodriguez.

- Okay, so the Rangers annihilated the Mets at Arlington. That’s not unpredictable. What is? At one point, with the bases loaded, Mike Pelfrey struck Josh Hamilton out.

- In As/Phillies, both starters took no-hitters into the sixth.
– Those starters were Vance Worley and Guillermo Moscoso.
— Worley had walked four by the time his no-hitter was broken up, and Moscoso had walked three. Ugly.
—- Brian Fuentes took the loss in this one. W/L is silly, but he’s now 1-8. Here are the pitchers besides Fuentes with eight or more losses, because it’s a fun list: Doug Fister, Mat Latos, Hiroki Kuroda (he has a 3.07 ERA!!!), Luke Hochevar, John Danks, Paul Malholm, Ervin Santana, Jeff Francis, Livan Hernandez, Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Richard, J.A. Happ, Fausto Carmona, and Jeremy Guthrie.

- Troy Tulowitzki has homered in every game he’s played in New York this year so far.
– AJ Burnett struck out four in one inning – weird, because he only struck out five total all night.
— He’s the first Yankee to ever strike out four players in one inning. That would happen to him.
—- At one point, Boone Logan struck out two straight batters, and then Jorge Posada promptly beat out an infield hit.

- These were the first nine outs for the Angels in their game against the Dodgers: Maicer Izturis caught stealing; Aybar strikeout; Abreu out trying to score; Kendrick strikeout; Trumbo pickoff; Mathis thrown out at third; Izturis strikeout; Abreu strikeout; Aybar caught stealing.
– Yep – all nine of their first outs were either strikeouts or outs on the bases, and FIVE of those outs were outs on the bases.
— The Angels won 8-3 anyway.
—- Oh, and Vernon Wells got caught stealing at some point after all this craziness just for good measure.
—– Yes, there were throwouts at second, third, and home, and a pickoff at first. They TOOTBLANned for the cycle.

- The Red Sox have a three game losing streak… against the Padres and Pirates.
– Joel Hanrahan is 21/21 in save opportunities.
— The Pirates are 38-37, for a .507 WP%. The Reds are 39-38, for a .506 WP%.
—- The Reds lost on a Derrek Lee walk-off home run tonight, by the way. Is it 2005?

- The Tigers scored six runs in the first four innings to support Phil Coke, who’s actually been pretty darn good but gotten terrible run support…
– … and then didn’t score and ended up losing.

- Oh hey, the Marlins lost again. They’re 2-21 in June. Two and freaking twenty-one. That’s just insanity for a team that is hardly as unspeakably terrible as that record would suggest.
– At least they lost to Felix Hernandez, which isn’t really shameful. He also broke up the no-hitter the Florida pitcher had going like Pineda did yesterday, though it was much earlier in the game.
— By the way, the Marlins and Mariners (try saying that three times fast) played this game at Safeco – and the Marlins were the home team thanks to some strange scheduling.

- The Padres scored eleven runs!
– At Petco!!
— Against Braves pitching!!!

- Yeah, I saved Nationals/White Sox for last.
– The Nationals had a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the ninth, thanks to a Michael Morse homer. And can we talk about Michael Morse? .224/.267/.284 in April, .403/.422/.774 (!!!) in May, .313/.387/.614 in June.
— The White Sox tied it up, though, off a … Mark Teahen … homer.
—- With AJ Pierzynski and Brent Lillibridge on base.
—– In the top of the tenth, Laynce Nix (who is not having a bad year! Slugging .534!) homered.
—— Only oops, the Nats blew it again, this time with a wild pitch with a guy on third.
——- Top of the twelfth. Someone named Brian Bixler doubles in the go-ahead run…
——– But then the White Sox re-tie it on an AJ Pierzynski home run in the bottom half of the inning.
——— Sadly, this game has a bit of an anti-climactic ending, as the Nationals scored four runs in the top of the fourteenth (!!!) and then shut down the White Sox with little incident in the bottom of the inning.
———- Here is your WPA graph. Don’t look, White Sox fans.
———– Oh, and after all this, the Nationals are 12-1 in their last 13 and are just 3.5 games out in the Wild Card.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 06/24/11

  1. Chad says:

    What? That doesn’t look anything like the WPA graph! Anyway, I’m surprised you failed to mention Cleveland’s defensive disaster (3 unearned runs in a game they lost by 1, courtesy of two E-3s in the same inning), or the fact that in just his fourth game of the year after not playing in the majors since 2008, Wily Mo Peña hit the game-winning homer for the Diamondbacks. (Interesting note: Playing for a National League team, Peña has been used exclusively as a DH, and this appears to be by design. I’ve got to applaud an NL team that calls a player up from Triple-A for the express purpose of serving as DH in interleague.)

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