Daily Roundup, 06/27/11

Sadly, there’s really not much craziness today, with an abbreviated schedule and such thrilling interleague rivalries as the Royals and Padres facing each other, but here at YCPB we’ll still keep you updated.

- h/t @junkstats, Drew Stubbs has more 3 K games this year than Ichiro has in his career.

- The Cubs beat the Rockies 7-3. Three players homered – and they each homered twice. (Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Pena, and Aramis Ramirez, in case you were wondering.)
– Thanks to HBT, that’s the first time three players have homered twice in a game since 2006…
— in a 15-12 game at Petco.

- In the bottom of the eighth inning, the Diamondbacks tied up a 4-3 Indians lead with a Kelly Johnson triple, with nobody out. They did not get the run home.
– In the top of the ninth, the Indians took the lead again, on a home run by… Orlando Cabrera?

- The Dodgers had 25 hits and 15 runs against the Twins tonight. Yeah, you read that right.
– And this on the day the team filed for bankruptcy, too.
— In 2006, the Dodgers went to Minnesota in interleague. They were swept. In three games, they scored seven runs on 17 hits.
—- By the way, Joe Mauer went 11-for-13 in that series. Geesh.
—– speaking of Mauer, he has 13 hits in 65 ABs this season. The Dodgers had 25 hits in 49 ABs tonight. Um – ouch. (h/t @mrkwx)
—— Anyway, in this game every Dodger had at least one hit, one run, and one RBI. And this lineup included Tony Gwynn Jr. (who went 4-for-6), James Loney, Juan Uribe, Trent Oeltjen, and Dee Gordon.
——- The Dodgers scored 34 runs on a 12-game homestand. They’ve scored 36 runs in their last three road games.

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