Daily Roundup, 06/29/11

First things first, a huge thank you to Bexy for holding down the fort here virtually single-handedly while pesky things like real life monopolized my time. She has been awesome.

And now, the crazy:

Carlos Lee got caught stealing to end the game.
-Lee actually has three stolen bases this year, and 121 for his career (and a 72% success rate).
–Ian Kinsler tried to bunt, but got hit with a pitch. Home plate umpire Bob Davidson ruled that in trying to get out of the way of the pitch, Kinsler went around, making it a strike.
—Kinsler promptly deposited one somewhere in the vicinity of Oklahoma. None of the fielders even moved as they watched it go.
—-Colby Lewis threw 74 pitches over 6.2 innings, and 61 of them were strikes.
—–82.4% strikes is the best anyone has done this year (minimum 70 pitches), and it’s not even close. Michael Pineda is second with 79.4% back on May 4th.
——It’s just the 12th time this season anyone has thrown 70 pitches and had at least 75% of them go for strikes. None of those twelve are Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee.

John Lackey (and his 7.36 ERA) and Vance Worley engaged in tight pitcher’s duel. With Adrian Gonzalez playing right field and David Ortiz at first base. Unfortunately, no fly balls went Gonzalez’s way.
-Boston’s only run was driven in by…Lackey. On a double.
–The Red Sox have two extra base hits in the past two games, and they are from Darnell McDonald and John Lackey.

Stop the presses folks, THE MARLINS WON.
-Complete game shutout from Nolasco. I guess that’s what it takes for the Fish to win these days.

The Twins won too!

The Brewers managed to outhit the Yankees and lose the game. Again. If you recall, they did that yesterday too.
-Jorge Posada managed to get tagged out on a home run. Seriously.

Jordan Zimmermann pitched 8 innings and gave up one unearned run.
-The Nats lost 1-0.
–That’s Zimmermann’s 11th straight quality start, over which he has a 1.85 ERA in 73 innings. The Nats are 7-4 in those games, and Zimmermann is 4-3.

Speaking of wins, Carlos Marmol got one.
-For blowing the save in the ninth, only to have the Cubs win it in the bottom half.

Mark Buehrle (career 5.1 K/9, 4.5 this year) squared off against Ubaldo Jimenez (8.1 career, 7.9 this year).
-Both pitched 7 innings and gave up two runs on two walks and four strikeouts.
–Buehrle actually doubled off Jimenez for his first career double.
—He was promptly picked off second.
—-Jason Giambi homered, his ninth of the year. He only has 91 PAs this year.

James Shields gave up four earned runs.
-Also known as “as many as he gave up in his last four starts combined, the last three of which were complete games”. He only threw seven innings here.

Break up the Mets. They have now scored 14+ runs in three of the past four games (and scored 8 in the fourth).
-The Tigers hit five homers tonight, at Comerica. They scored nine runs.
–The Mets hit no homers tonight and scored 16.
—Jason Bay walked four times. And stole two bases! And made a diving catch!
—-Position player Don Kelly pitched the final 0.1 innings. 0.00 ERA for Mr. Kelly.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Good to have you back. Bexy did a wonderful job ALL BY HERSELF!! Now she can relax a bit.

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