Daily Roundup, 06/30/11

First, here are some pretty hilariously awesome facts about the Mets’ last couple of games. (They lost today – though it was a Verlander vs. Pelfrey matchup, which, even the way games have been going for them, is hardly unpredictable.)

- Giants/Cubs…
– Pablo Sandoval got a hit in the third inning. And then he got a hit the next time the Giants got a hit… which was a home run in the TOP OF THE THIRTEENTH.
— Oh, and the Cubs’ starter left after just an inning, so this was all the Cubs’ unreliable bullpen doing this.
—- The Giants had a 1-0 lead going into the bottom of the ninth, and a 2-1 lead going into the bottom of the thirteenth, and lost.
—– They lost because with two outs and no one on, and both players having two strikes on them, Jeff Baker doubled and Darwin Barney singled him home, with some help from a truly awful Cody Ross throw. Geovany Soto then hit a walk-off home run.

- With two outs and no one on, leading 7-0 in the top of the ninth, the Astros just… brought in their closer. (And the last time he’d pitched was not very long ago, so it wasn’t a “getting him work” thing.)
– Hey, the Astros just beat the Rangers. The last eight games they’d played at Minute Maid against the Rangers, they’d lost.

- The Pirates won an interleague road series for the first time since 2003.
– … on a Brandon Wood homer?
— Jeff Karstens has a lower ERA than Cliff Lee.
—- The Pirates are closer to first than the Red Sox.

- In White Sox/Rockies, Juan Pierre drove home the tying run in the White Sox’s comeback from a 4-1 deficit, then, in extras, narrowly missed a grand slam off the top of the wall in right. Yes, it’s Coors. It’s also Juan Pierre. He had to settle for a two-run single that was the deciding run.

- Jason Varitek homered twice in a game against the Phillies.
– That Cole Hamels started! (Okay, he was out of the game at the time, but shhh.)

- The Yankees completed the sweep of the Brewers with a 5-0 win today. Really, the only Brewer hitters that could do anything against CC Sabathia were Ryan Braun, who was 3-for-3 with a walk, and… Yuniesky Betancourt, who went 2-for-3.
– The Yankees outscored the Brewers 22 to 4 in this series. The Brewers outhit the Yankees, 25 to 24.

- The Marlins won a series! The Marlins won a series!! It’s their first series win since they swept the Giants to end May.
– They still finished out the month 5-23. Um, ouch.

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