Daily Roundup, 07/02/11

First things first, apologies for the lateness of these roundups. I’ve been busy this weekend, and only able to get to them late at night.

- White Sox/Cubs.
– Juan Pierre had the game-winning hit again.
— Matt Garza threw nine innings of one-run ball with seven strikeouts, and took a no-hitter into the sixth.
—- This being the Cubs, he took the loss.

- So far, Eduardo Nunez is 7-for-8 in the Subway Series with a home run and a couple of doubles (at Citi Field!), and he’s only not 8-for-8 because of a pretty tremendous diving catch today.
– Raise your hand if you ever thought Dillon Gee and (right off the DL) Bartolo Colon would be involved in a pitchers’ duel at any point this year when Spring Training ended. Put it down, you filthy liar.

- The Brewers have struggled terribly on the road this year (15-28 coming into tonight’s game) and were down 7-0 after four in today’s game to the Twins. That’s right, they’d given up seven runs in four innings to the Twins.
– This included back-to-back home runs to Michael Cuddyer and Danny Valencia in the third, and four straight RBI singles in the fourth.
— They managed to claw back enough to make it 7-4 going into the top of the ninth, but Matt Capps was coming in, and he’s been reliable enough, and it was 7-5 with two outs, even if there were a couple of guys on base…
—- Nyjer Morgan hit an RBI double to tie the game. Um, oops? After he’d already homered in this game, too. And it’s his birthday!
—– Then George Kottaras put the Brewers ahead with a single. What?
—— So yeah, the Brewers won, on the road which is pretty much their most sworn enemy, after being down 7-0.

- Derek Holland, against the terribly struggling Marlins: 0.2 IP, 5 ER, 46 pitches. Ouch.
– Hanley Ramirez hit two home runs. Considering how his season’s going, that’s unpredictable. Bizarro YCPB.

- In two games with the Rockies, Mark Ellis has four doubles and five RBI. He had 11 doubles and 16 RBI with Oakland this year, in 62 games.

- Clayton Kershaw’s line, against the Angels of all teams, is bizarre: 6 IP, 9 H, 7 R/6 ER, 1 BB, 10 K.
– And a homer given up. To Vernon Wells.
— Jeff Mathis also doubled off him.
—- James Loney doubled off Jeff Weaver in this game, too.
—– h/t @sammillerocr, Jeff Weaver is 113th of 115 qualified pitchers in run support. He’s 10-4.

- One team has been shut out in both games of the Padres/Mariners series, which is about the least YCPB thing ever. However, tonight the Padres won 1-0, because Cameron Maybin scored.
– He was on base with a walk.
— He had walked on a three-ball count.
—- Yeah.
—– Remember that thing about qualified pitchers and run support from, well, just above? Doug Fister is 115th of those 115 pitchers, and he and his 3.09 ERA are now 3-9.

- Giants/Tigers.
– The Giants had a 6-0 lead in the third (!!!) when torrential rains and awful weather in general hit Detroit. The game was delayed over two and a half hours, then resumed (after 11 PM, mind you).
— The inning continued. Miguel Tejada hit a grand slam (!!!!).
—- Barry Zito had started for the Giants, going on short rest due to scheduling issues. Keep in mind, he’s just off the DL, too. So with a 10-0 lead after three innings, and having sat for just about three hours, the Giants… sent Zito back out there to pitch the bottom of the third.
—– He responded with a 1-2-3 inning.
—— His final line: 6 IP, 0 R/ER, 2 BB, 1 K.
——- Guillermo Mota gave up three runs over three innings, including back-to-back home runs, and got a save.
——– In a game that was 15-3.
——— Yes, the Giants scored 15 runs.
———- At one point in this game, Miguel Cabrera was 0-for-2 with two GIDP.
———– He has four GIDP in his last eight at-bats.
———— Don Kelly caught – this a few days after he pitched.
————- The Tigers have lost four of five and have given up 14+ runs THREE TIMES over that time span.

- The Red Sox beat the Astros 10-4. This is not surprising. What is? The homers came from Yamaico Navarro and Darnell McDonald.
– Speaking of GIDPs, Adrian Gonzalez has 18 GIDP. That is first in baseball, and on track to tie the all-time single-season GIDP record. Somehow I don’t think Boston fans are complaining too much, though.

- Roy Halladay threw a complete game win in his return to Toronto, and Jose Bautista homered. (h/t @tsmith15, Jose Bautista has walked more times than Chone Figgins has been on base this season.)
– Oh wait, this is You Can’t Predict Baseball…
— Well, Jon Rauch got his clothes torn off at least.

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  1. Dave Cornutt says:

    The Orioles outhit the Braves 13-7. And lost the game 5-4. Thanks to a grand slam from the Braves’ catcher. David Ross, that is.

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