Daily Roundup, 07/04/11

- Adam Dunn got a hit off a lefty!!
– AND he had a big late home run.
— Still, it took a walk-off balk for the White Sox to win.
—- from Aaron Crow. Who’s an All-Star. And actually deserving.
—– Did you know he dated/is still possibly dating Ke$ha? Seriously.

- Vlad Guerrero walked twice today. Twice! And he got HBP too!
– Mark Reynolds homered twice. He has 20 home runs. And 20 errors. Raise your hand if you’ve heard ANYTHING about his season.
— The Rangers still beat the Orioles, 13-4.
—- Endy Chavez homered, too.
—– and had four RBIs.

- BA is far from everything, but only three players in MLB history have as many PA as Brandon Inge with lower BAs. h/t @hjbosch21

- The Braves are one of the better teams in baseball. Jordan Schaefer and Alex Gonzalez frequently bat 1/2 for them.
– Both these players have *OBPs* under .300. Yes, Atlanta’s strength is its pitching and not its hitting, but that is still terrible.
— They still have significantly higher OBPs than Dan Uggla.

- There was a game with Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay. Brian Duensing went up against David Price. The final score was 7-0.
– …Minnesota won.

- Jacoby Ellsbury’s having a great year, and he’s obviously quite fast. He hit his first triple of 2011 today.
– Jarrod Saltalamacchia also tripled.
— The Red Sox still lost.
—- to Toronto! On July 4! They hate America. ;)
—– Yamaico Navarro made a really nice play in the seventh inning to get Jose Bautista out. But a couple of batters later, he let the third out of the inning go through his legs that allowed a Toronto insurance run to score. Such is baseball.
—— Frank Francisco, who has been uh less than reliable? struck out Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez (and Navarro) to secure the save.
——- This game was 9-7, and there was only one home run.
——– It was by Aaron Hill, and it was his fourth of the year. He hit 36 two years ago, and 26 last year (and still finished well below average offensively, with a 78 OPS+ in 2010).
——— Travis Snider’s gonna be really good, but he’d struggled a lot earlier in 2011 and actually was sent down to the minors. This was his first game up from the minors, and he hit three doubles.

- I’m watching the Mets/Dodgers game and Jason Bay just crashed into the wall a couple of feet from where he made an awesome catch last year… that ended the rest of his season with a concussion.

- Tim Lincecum gave up three runs and seven hits over five innings… to the Padres.
– He’s 6-7. W/L is stupid but whoah.

- The Cardinals beat the Reds 1-0. This is the second time in the last 35 seasons they’ve beaten them 1-0. The last time that happened, Ozzie Smith drove in the winning run.
– In this game, the winning run scored on an infield single. So yeah.
— Johnny Cueto got a loss for eight innings of one-run ball.
—- …over which he didn’t strike anyone out.

- What turned out to be the game-winning hit in the Yankees/Indians game was provided by… Austin Kearns.
– who hadn’t hit a home run off a righty since last June. Ouch.

- Forget the four aces, the Phillies’ Vance Worley has a 2.20 ERA.
– He beat the Marlins 1-0 today. Another day, another one-run loss for the Marlins.
— He was optioned to the minors right after this game.

- The Brewers blew another 6-1 lead, this one at home where they have been excellent. (29-12 at home even after this game, holy wow.)
– Shaun Marcum grand slam – yes, as in the pitcher Shaun Marcum.
— on an 0-2 count, too.

- Happy birthday, America. Washington DC’s team won today.
– on a walk-off wild pitch
— by Carlos Marmol. Okay, sometimes you maybe sorta-kinda can predict baseball.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 07/04/11

  1. Dave Cornutt says:

    One other tidbit regarding the Cubs-Nats game: The winning run was scored by… Jayson Werth. Who had earlier in the game been struck out, with the bases loaded, by an incredibly wild Kerry Wood. One batter after Wood had walked Laynce Nix (what is it with the Nationals and guys with excess “Y”s in their names?) to force in a run.

    In the 10th, Werth had walked and been sacrificed to second. Then, when Marmol came into the game, he stole third on Marmol’s first pitch.

  2. rbt says:

    For the last time…Aaron Crow is NOT dating Ke$ha. They have never even met. Don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia.

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