Daily Roundup, 07/06/11

- Justin Masterson, righty-killer (righties are hitting .189/.286/.233 off him this year), threw eight innings of shutout ball against the Yankee lineup.
– He gave up three hits, to: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Russell Martin.
— You guessed it: those are all righties.
—- Derek Jeter had an extra-base hit off him, to boot. He had extra-base hits in back-to-back games!

- Adam Dunn walked with the bases loaded against a lefty.
– This accounted for the only run of the game for the White Sox, who lost.
— That run, and the White Sox getting shut down otherwise, was against… Bruce Chen.

- Dan Uggla has homered in two games in a row! Two! He has fourteen home runs. He’s having a horrible year, but right now he has more home runs than Alex Rodriguez, Matt Holliday, Carlos Gonzalez, Kevin Youkilis, Evan Longoria, Justin Smoak, Jayson Werth, Josh Hamilton, Nick Swisher, Alex Avila, Jorge Posada, Luke Scott, Vlad Guerrero, and the list goes on and on and on.
– He also has more home runs than Rod Barajas, who has only hit one home run since May 14. He’s still second on the Dodgers in home runs. (h/t @mikesciosciasti)

- Yes, the Twins’ bullpen isn’t very good. But the Rays scored seven runs against them in the last two innings, including a Sean Rodriguez homer.
– Sean Rodriguez and Elliot Johnson was the middle infield for the Rays today. They have the third best record in the AL, behind – of course – two teams in their division.
— Both the Rays and Twins had the same number of hits, 14. The Rays won 12-5.

- Texas blew out Baltimore, 13-5, but Baltimore had more home runs.
– Those home runs were by Vlad Guerrero and Derrek Lee. Lee is slugging .351 this year and Vlad, .389.

- The Reds had a 5-0 lead after one inning, and an 8-0 lead after five innings, and an 8-2 lead after six innings, and even still a one-run lead going into the bottom of the ninth…
– … and they blew it.
— They still won.
—- This despite Albert Pujols being in the lineup. I seriously cannot get over this Pujols thing, guys. He kind of terrifies me. Maybe it’s just the Cardinals being freakish, or something. Remember how Matt Holliday was supposed to be out for months when he had his appendix removed, only to miss a couple of weeks? And how Wainwright wants to pitch in the playoffs? I laughed at that, but maybe I shouldn’t. The Cardinals are all clearly robots.

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  1. El Anonimo says:

    Albert Pujols is a machine.

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