Daily Roundup, 07/10/11

First things first, this roundup by Baseball Reference is pretty awesome. And now on with the show.

- BJ Upton had… a day. He singled in the fourth inning of the Rays/Yankees game, then immediately got picked off (CC running around amuses me so). He singled in the seventh, too, just because Sabathia wasn’t covering first base. He was then promptly doubled off on a lineout, because he never stopped running. Then, in the bottom of the inning, he had Robinson Cano doubled off on another lineout – only he threw the baseball into the dugout, allowing Cano to advance all the way to third.
– James Shields allowed four hits, all singles, only two of which really left the infield. He walked only one batter. He got the loss, because with Robinson Cano on third because of that BJ Upton bad throw, he attempted to pick him off and threw the pickoff attempt away.
— Also, James Shields leads the league in pickoffs. Weird.
—- CC Sabathia threw the first 1-0 complete game shutout by a Yankees starter at home since 1980. He allowed doubles to two of the first five batters he faced, and then didn’t allow any of the next 24 batters to make it to second base.
—– The Yankees played a 2:11 game.
—— This wasn’t even the shortest game they’ve played all year.

– And he wasn’t a total disaster, though his line is absolutely Dontrelle Willis: 6 IP, 4 H, 2 R/ER, 4 BB (of course), 4 K.
— Speaking of Reds starters, opponents are hitting .295/.332/.539 off Bronson Arroyo this year as a whole. So basically he’s turning every opponent hitter he faces into Robinson Cano. This is not a good thing unless you are a fan of the other team.

- The Phillies scored 14 runs.
– against the Braves!
— It was 4-1 Phillies at the seventh inning stretch.
—- This was actually a comeback win for the Phillies.

- the Marlins go into the break on a nice five-game winning streak.
– They won five games all of June.

- Homers today: Nick Evans, Rick Ankiel, Marco Scutaro, Mike Cameron, Rob Johnson.
– Did you know Andre Ethier only has nine home runs this year, and that’s after two today? I didn’t until I was looking this up.

- the Padres/Dodgers series involved only seven total runs scored, one by the Padres.
– I know, I know, UNpredictable. It’s late, not much else happened, I included it. That really is quite stunning.

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