Daily Roundup, 07/16/11

Edwin Jackson threw a shutout against the Tigers.
-He was facing Max Scherzer, who he was traded for.
–Jackson’s last complete game was his no-hitter last year against another former team of his.
—Only four of the 36 batters he faced struck out or walked.

Alcides Escobar (.325 slugging), and Drew Butera (.265) both homered in the same game.
-At Target Field.
–Both now have as many Target Field homers as Joe Mauer.

The Padres scored 11 runs.
-That’s just the fourth time this year the Padres have scored double digit runs. For comparison, the game’s three best offenses (Boston, New York, Texas) have done it 12, 11, and 10 times respectively. The Mariners have done it just twice.
–Pablo Sandoval triple!

Zack Greinke gave up a bunch of unearned runs (one scored after Prince Fielder couldn’t handle the throw from a wild pitch third strike).
-He struck out eight in six innings and his K/9 dropped. He has 107 strikeouts in 80.1 innings. Wow.
–So clearly K-rod’s scoreless inning earned him the “win” in this one.

John Lackey allowed 12 baserunners in 5.2 innings, but still managed to outpitch James Shields.
-Dustin Pedroia opposite field home run. That’s just the fourth of his career.
–Matt Joyce fouled a ball off his knee, looked in a lot of pain, was seen by the trainer, stayed in the game, and homered on the next pitch.

John Lannan, who had not had a hit this year and had never had a hit with the bases loaded, drove in two runs with a bases-loaded single off Tommy Hanson.

Houston beat Pittsburgh (and with St. Louis winning, the Pirates are no longer in first) 6-4, with Mark Melancon recording his seventh save of the year.
-Melancon’s sixth save came all the way back on June 8th.
–It wasn’t just him, either. That’s the last time any Houston pitcher recorded a save.
—This game featured a home run from Jeff Keppinger, and back-to-back shots from…Lyle Overbay and Brandon Wood.

The Mets beat the Phillies 11-2.
-With Cole Hamels starting.
–Seven earned runs for Hamels is the most he has allowed in two years, and ties his career high.
—Maybe this wasn’t so unpredictable, because even before this game, the Mets hit a collective .309/.354/.464 off Hamels for his career.
—-Scott Hairston hit one into the second deck at Citi Field. Seriously.

Carlos Zambrano vs. Javier Vazquez, and one pitcher gave up eight runs in 4.2 innings.
-That would be Zambrano. Vazquez gave up three runs in seven innings.
–With no walks and ten strikeouts.
—In fact, in his last six starts, Vazquez has a 1.69 ERA in 37.1 innings.

Rich Harden struck out nine in seven innings and threw 110 pitches without getting hurt.

Before the 2010 season, Mike Gonzalez signed a two-year, $12 million contract to be Baltimore’s closer. Today, he got his second save in a Baltimore uniform.

Ian Kinsler hit two homers off Felix Hernandez.
-This is just the third time Felix has allowed two homers to the same person in the same game. The last time was in August 2008 to Jack Hannahan, who hit nine homers that entire season. The other time was to Brian Anderson in August 2005. Those were the first two homers Felix ever gave up, and they were also the first two homers Anderson ever hit.

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  1. It’s also worth noting that Hairston hit that HR against an RHP.

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