Daily Roundup, 07/18/11

- Once again: FIRST PLACE PITTSBURGH PIRATES!!!!!! And this time they’ve got first place all to themselves.

- The Rays scored two runs before they made an out tonight. They didn’t score in sixteen innings last night.
– They still lost.
— to the Yankees. Remember how earlier in the year, the Yankees were hitting “too many homers” or whatever, like that is an actual thing? They’re 3-2 since the break ended and they have only hit two home runs.
—- Those were both by Andruw Jones, in a game they lost.
—– Since Alex Rodriguez went on the DL, the Yankees only have three home runs – those, and #3000 for Mr. Jeter.

- On the other hand, the Cubs threw Rodrigo Lopez against Roy Halladay… AND WON.
– Roy Halladay is actually 1-4 against the Cubs in his career, and 0-3 at Wrigley.
— He went less than six innings, and had to be removed because of extreme heat conditions. The last time Halladay threw fewer than six innings during a road start, it was 2007. He had 63 straight starts of six innings or more on the road, second to… Walter Johnson oh my gosh Roy Halladay is not real.

- Lou Marson homered.
– Against the Twins. And oh, Twins, every time I think you’re getting back in it you mess up again. This morning, they were only five games out of first; now they’re seven back. And they got shut out through seven innings by David Huff.
— Joe Mauer’s hitting .290 with a .361 OBP now. That was fast.

– He still gave up four runs.

To celebrate tonight, I have provided images of your current NL Central standings and pitching leaders with my commentary. Please ignore the fact that I kinda suck at writing with the Paint pencil tool. Under the cut for size.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 07/18/11

  1. Chad says:

    were doin it man
    were makin it happen

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Great stuff as always.

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