Daily Roundup, 07/19/11

- Cleveland closer Chris Perez is apparently staying at Danny Valencia’s house while they are in Minnesota. Well, tonight Perez gave up a walk-off hit to Valencia.
This, naturally, followed that.

- Starlin Castro hit his second home run of the year.
– Off Cliff Lee.
— The Cubs still lost.

- Dan Uggla homered twice. Yes, he’s been crappy, but he has 17 homers. Dang.
– Atlanta still lost – in fact, they got blown out, 12-3.

- The Orioles beat the Red Sox.
– Jeremy Guthrie, 3-13 before tonight (W/L is dumb, but !!!), picked up the win.
— He’d allowed twelve runs in his last ten innings.
—- Jarrod Saltalamacchia homered for the second night in a row.

– On the other hand, Craig Counsell is in an 0-for-33 slide. He only has one more hitless at-bat to go before he ties the Brewer record…
— that he set back in 2004.
—- With Arizona trailing 6-3 and the bases loaded, Yhency Brazoban came in to try and stop the Milwaukee hitters from tacking on. Didn’t work so well. Brazoban walked Corey Hart, hit Nyjer Morgan, and walked… Carlos Gomez.
—– Incredibly, Brazoban’s ERA did not go up – because those were inherited runners, and Micah Owings came in, who got Prince Fielder to hit into a double play and Rickie Weeks to ground out.
—— all this while the Brewers blew out an opponent 11-3 – on the road!!! It is a miracle!!

- Jason Isringhausen got his first save in three years.
– Against the Cardinals, funnily enough.

- The Mariners have lost ten straight.
– They lost tonight despite scoring five runs in the first two innings, with Pineda on the hill.
— In terms of ERA (yeah, ERA is silly), Pineda actually had a worse night than Brett Cecil, who gave up those five runs in two innings: Pineda threw 6.1 innings of 5-run ball, while Cecil went seven.
—- Chone Figgins was on base three times tonight.
—– And Brendan Ryan homered.

- The Pirates shut out the Reds for the second straight night.
– And yes, they’re still in first place. Here’s a pretty great article on it, from Deadspin.
— The Pirates only need to win seven more games to SURPASS their winning total from last year. They could do that by August, maybe.

- This isn’t the biggest shocker – the Astros winning was. No, seriously.
– Jordan Zimmermann gave up six runs to them in five innings.

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