Daily Roundup, 07/20/11

- Make it 11 straight losses for the Mariners.
– This after they scored six runs tonight.
— On July 5, the Mariners were only 2.5 games out of first. Now they’re 13.5 back.

- Tim Lincecum lost 1-0 today. I find it very, very surprising that it was the first 1-0 loss of his career.
– That one run was… a Dioner Navarro home run.
— Lincecum is 0-4 against guys named Clayton this year: 0-2 against Kershaw, and 0-1 against Mortensen and Richard.

- I’m not going to link them here because they’re ugly, but Stephen Drew and Carlos Gomez got seriously injured on back-to-back plays in the same game.
– Joe Saunders gave up two runs in seven innings, and his ERA is actually an okay 3.82. Yeah ERA is silly, but hey.

- Jason Isringhausen struck out Albert Pujols.
– He also threw 30+ pitches over two innings. What the heck Terry Collins.
— Also in this game, Gerald Laird drove in a run on a two-out squeeze bunt.

- Speaking of WTFMANAGERS, Fredi Gonzalez walked Ty Wigginton to get to Carlos Gonzalez. (You can imagine what happened after, and sadly it was not very YCPB.)

- Boone Logan, David Robertson, and Mariano Rivera needed just 35 pitches to get the last seven outs of the Yankees/Rays game.
– There were five strikeouts in there, too, one by Logan and two each by Rivera and Robertson.
— David Price gave up two runs in 7.1 innings and lost.
—- Because he was outpitched by Freddy Garcia.

- The Royals beat the White Sox on a walk-off wild pitch.
– Bruce Chen didn’t allow a hit until the fifth.

- At this point, I feel all Godfather Part III (which is a way no one should ever feel, really) about the Twins: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” After getting swept in a doubleheader, they won the next two games to split the series. They’re just five games out of first – again.
– And Joe Mauer is suddenly hitting .297/.368/.341. Power could use improvement, but that was quick.
— Sadly enough, that BA is actually higher than the OBP of some regulars on his team, like Delmon Young and Danny Valencia.

- The Astros won a series! The Astros won a series!
– Speaking of the Astros, they have the highest team BABIP (as in hitting) in baseball. The Cubs are #2.

- Jacoby Ellsbury homered twice today.
– Meanwhile, Andrew Miller walked six Orioles in 5.1 IP – and didn’t allow a run.
— Ellsbury had twenty career home runs in 1513 PA before 2011. This year, he has 15 HR in 433 PA, thank you to @joepawl for this. Are we supposed to accuse him of doing steroids now? Is that how this works?

- The story of the night, however, has to be the Padres. They led 4-0 after 1, and – I hope you are sitting down – 13-0 after TWO INNINGS.
– Ricky Nolasco gave up nine earned runs in 1.1 innings and his ERA is still only 4.08. Which in today’s offensive environment is probably like a 76 ERA+.
— Wes Helms played second base late for Florida for the first time in his career, spanning 1201 games.
—- The Padres ended up winning 14-3. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to score another run for the rest of July.
—– The only team in baseball that hasn’t scored at least 11 runs in a game are your first place Pittsburgh Pirates.

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