Daily Roundup, 07/21/11

- The Angels beat the Rangers 1-0.
– CJ Wilson gave up two hits and a walk in a complete game effort – and took the loss.
— The Angels scored in the second inning, and he gave up the first hit in the fifth. So, yeah, Wilson lost on an unearned run.
—- The last time Texas lost when it gave up two hits (or less) was August 15, 1989.
—– Jered Weaver gave up seven hits, including two doubles, and walked two. The Rangers even got a hit with a runner in scoring position – but they couldn’t score.
—— The Rangers are coming off a 12-game winning streak, but the Angels are still only three games back. They play 10 of their last 41 games against each other, including a three-game series to end the year. We have no horses in this race over at YCPB, so we hope it stays a fight until the very end.

- Trailing 5-1 late, the Mariners tied it up with a bunch of infield hits followed by a Miguel Olivo grand slam.
– They still lost, though. Twelve in a row, headed into Boston. Oh, dear.
— This is the third game in a row that the Mariners lost in which they scored at least five runs. The Mariners!!
—- Remember how bad offensively the Mariners were last year? Like, historically bad? Their OPS is twenty points LOWER this year, and their OPS+ is lower too. Eep.

- CC Sabathia threw a complete game, gave up two runs, and lost.
– The deciding hit was a Sam Fuld triple, after CC walked Elliot Johnson.
— That was Sam Fuld’s third XBH off a lefty in 65 PAs (thank you @jasoncollette).
—- Derek Jeter also had an XBH in this game off a righty – James Shields, to boot. At this point, that’s nearly as notable. Sob.
—– From Dave Schoenfield, James Shields has not allowed any steals this year while having eleven pickoffs. (And it really should be 12, because he picked off Brett Gardner tonight and the umpire just didn’t get it right.)

- The Tigers, obviously getting some revenge for 2009, have won ten straight over the Twins. Ten straight!
– But this happened today, in Wilson Betemit’s first game with the Tigers.

- Today, in the Braves/Rockies game, the Rockies were up early. Dexter Fowler tripled home two runs.
– The next batter, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin, was attempting to squeeze him home. He totally missed it, with the ball going over his bat.
— However, Atlanta catcher Brian McCann also missed it and it sailed past him.
—- So Fowler stole home – standing up.
—– The Rockies were up 4-0, but lost.
—— Freddie Freeman has played 10% of his games this year against the Rockies, but he’s hit 40% of his home runs against them.

- The Cardinals beat the Mets today to avoid the sweep, and the Mets actually haven’t swept anyone since April.
– On the strength of eight two-run innings from … Jake Westbrook, sure.
— Yadier Molina stole a base. That’s weird in itself. What makes it weirder was that it was the Cardinals’ first steal since June 9.

- San Diego swept the Marlins.
– That’s not SO crazy or unpredictable, but I included it here just to note that in this series, the Padres scored 23 runs and 41 hits. Some day, they will write poetry about that.

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  1. Chad says:

    CC Sabathia is now 0-2 in starts made on his birthday, though his birthday ERA went down from 9.35 to a mere 5.94. (His previous 2 starts on his birthday came in 2002, when he allowed 6 earned runs in five innings against the Royals and actually left the game with the Indians ahead 9-6–the pen blew it and the Royals won 13-12 in 10 innings; and in 2006, when he gave up 8 runs (3 earned) in just 3.2 innings against Minnesota).

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