Daily Roundup, 07/22/11

- Nelson Cruz had eight RBIs tonight.
– With a 4-for-4 night, his OBP is finally above .300. Yay?
— He only saw six pitches.

- Aaron Cook finally won a game… with six innings of four-run ball. Whee.
– The Rockies are still the second-worst in all of baseball in day games, to the freaking Astros of all teams. That’s just embarrassing.

- Dan Uggla basically won the game for the Braves with a late-inning homer. Hooray!
– Their game against the Reds was 6-4, and there were seven home runs in this game.

- John Lannan, hitting .057 this season, hit a home run off Hiroki Kuroda, at Dodger Stadium, that was the difference in the Nationals/Dodgers game for a while.
– The Dodgers had three hits off Lannan, and Lannan had two hits against them.

- Yeah, the Mariners are bad and the Red Sox are really good. But John Lackey beat Felix Hernandez. Seriously.
– Where did this Jacoby Ellsbury come from?

- Speaking of that, how does no one notice Jhonny Peralta is hitting .322/.368/.547?

- The Brewers batted Mark Kotsay third.
– Jonathan Lucroy and Yuniesky Betancourt drove in two each.
— The Brewers beat the Giants – on the road, too.

- The As scored seven runs with Trevor Cahill and his 3.13 ERA before tonight on the mound…
– and lost.
— by ten runs. Because Trevor Cahill gave up 10 ER in 2 IP and most of the bullpen wasn’t any more effective (I’m looking at you, Joey Devine and your three walks without getting an out).
—- Derek Jeter had three RBIs before the third inning was over.
—– Given a 14-2 lead after three innings, the Yankees’ starter wasn’t able to stay around/be effective long enough to get a win. Allow me to say: SMH PHIL HUGHES.
—— Francisco Cervelli went 3-for-3 with two walks.

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