Daily Roundup, 07/23/11

- Justin Upton and Miguel Montero combined to drive in eleven runs in the Diamondbacks’ 12-3 rout over the Rockies.
– The other run was driven in by Josh Collmenter – as in the pitcher.

- Rays/Royals was pretty wacky in the late innings, after rookie Desmond Jennings had already tripled and doubled. The Royals trailed 4-3 going into the bottom of the ninth.
– Then, the Royals rallied to tie it up off Kyle Farnsworth, who has… generally been very reliable this year? I don’t even.
— Still, it looked like the Rays would win it in the top of the tenth, when they had bases loaded and nobody out.
—- They didn’t score.
—– And the Royals won in the bottom half of the inning.

- the Mariners also had the bases loaded and nobody out in the eighth inning of their game against the Red Sox and didn’t score.
– The Mariners have lost fourteen games in a row. FOURTEEN!!!!

- Blue Jays/Rangers was wacky, too. With the Blue Jays up 4-3 (again) entering the bottom of the ninth, Mike Napoli walked.
– Sacrifice bunt, thrown over the first baseman’s head. Runner reaches.
— Another bunt, to move the runners to second and third.
—- Squeeze play! So the tying run scored on a walk and three bunts.

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