Daily Roundup, 07/26/11

- Adam Dunn homer!
– off Justin Verlander!!
— on an at-bat that was 0-2 at one point!!!
—- the White Sox still lost.

- Jordan Walden loaded the bases with nobody out in a one-run game.
– He got out of it unscathed.
— Jason Kipnis, who had the walk-off hit last night, came up with runners on second and third and two out, and didn’t get it done tonight.

- After getting blown out last night 20-6, the Twins were down 7-3 heading into the top of the fifth, against CJ Wilson.
– CJ Wilson proceeded to walk the bases loaded with nobody out, and didn’t get an out after that. Still, Texas got out of the inning still up 7-6, and it was 8-7 heading into the ninth.
— Minnesota proceeded to rally, with the tying run driven in by an Elvis Andrus error, and the go-ahead run by Joe Mauer – a Joe Mauer double, to boot!
—- Might I remind you that Texas’ closer Feliz pitched the ninth in yesterday’s blowout win for Texas? Oops.

- Andrew Miller gave up seven runs in 3.2 innings to the Royals.
– the Red Sox still won, after losing 3-1 in 14 innings last night. Again, to the Royals.
— Mitch Maier, as in the position player, pitched for the Royals when they were “only” down 13-7.
—- He was the only Royals pitcher to retire Dustin Pedroia all night.
—– W/L is silly but somehow Alfredo Aceves is 20-2 in his career.

- Florida scored 11 runs and is no longer in last place.
– Greg Dobbs had five RBIs, in five at-bats, where he saw nine pitches total.

- Vance Worley CG, two runs.
– His ERA is 2.02.
— That’s a full run lower than Cliff Lee’s. It’s gonna regress, but fun.
—- Chase Utley hit an inside-the-park home run.

- The Pirates and Braves are currently going into the sixteenth inning. Neither team has scored since the third.
– The Braves bullpen tonight so far: 9 IP, 4 H, 0 R/ER, 2 BB, 14 K.
— Christian Martinez is currently pitching his sixth inning of relief. Then again, when you have him and Scott Proctor left in your bullpen, do you blame them?
—- Martin Prado is currently 0-for-8.
—– Updating: It’s now the bottom of the seventeenth with Scott Proctor at bat.
—— The Pirates still haven’t used Joel Hanrahan.
——- All the West Coast games are over.
——– And yes: this game has more innings than the Mariners’ losing streak has games.
——— ETA: Um. Yeah. This game went nineteen innings. Scott Proctor drove in the winning run on a blown call at the plate where the batter was out by five feet and never touched home plate, but the umpire still called him safe. It was Proctor’s first career RBI. Hanrahan never came into the game. Even over here, we doth not even.

- Houston lost their 70th game tonight. Yeah, this is predictable, but it’s July!!
– St. Louis, who beat them, used five pitchers. Houston used just one.

- Brandon McCarthy (8 IP, 1 R) handily outdueled David Price (6 IP, 4 ER).
– Might I remind you, Price did that against the As.

- The Mariners lost. Again. Seriously.
– At least this time, with CC Sabathia facing them, it could be expected.
— Oh, and Sabathia had a perfect game through 6.1.
—- He ended up with a line of 7 IP, 1 H, 1 R/ER, 3 BB, 14 K. And take it from someone who watched the game – that’s actually not that great a sign of how dominant he actually was.
—– Instead of a perfect game, the Yankees had to “settle” for a one-hitter with eighteen strikeouts overall. h/t @marksimonespn, only one team has thrown an 18+ K one-hitter in nine innings. You may remember the game, because it’s probably the best game ever pitched.

- I’m just posting this again. The fail, the Scott Proctor, the fact that he falls down, IT IS AMAZING.

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  1. Chad says:

    Wow. That truly was amazing. One of the most improbable walkoffs ever.

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