Daily Roundup, 07/27/11

It was a pretty busy day today. Jerry Meals is quite pleased.

- Ervin Santana no-hitter against the Indians!
– Cleveland scored a run, though, in the bottom of the first, on an error, stolen base, groundout that moved the runner to third, and wild pitch.
— Cleveland also committed five errors. So their line: 1 R, 0 H, 5 E. Oops.

- the Mariners won!!
– against the Yankees!
— they scored nine runs! NINE!
—- Oh, a thing I forgot to mention: last night, taking the loss was Doug Fister. He has a 3.33 ERA, and is 3-12.
—– His last win was May 30. Since then, he’s 0-7… with a 3.42 ERA. There was a stretch where he went 8 IP, 1 R; 8 IP, 1 R; and 9 IP, 1 R, and went 0-1. He actually has four games where he’s gone eight or more innings and given up one run or less, and he’s winless in those games.
—— Seattle had 17 hits today. They actually have 12+ hits eleven times this season. They’re only 6-5 in those games.

- John Lackey: 5.2 IP, 11 H, 4 R/3 ER, with two home runs given up.
– to the Royals.
— Unlike Mr. Fister up there, he got the win.
—- because Bruce Chen was left out there for four innings to give up ten runs, and throw 114 pitches. Dear lord.

- The Pirates and Braves went into extras again!
– The Braves won again, but this time at least it wasn’t because of a terrible call.
— Joel Hanrahan wasn’t used AGAIN.

- In their first Beltran-less game, the Mets scored eight runs.
– and Mike Pelfrey threw a complete game with just two runs given up against the Reds.

- In the last three nights, Texas has given up six, nine, and seven runs to the Twins.
– Joe Mauer hit a home run! A real, live home run! Over the wall and everything!
— the Rangers have scored thirty runs in their last four games and have gone 1-3.

- James Shields: 4 IP, 12 H, 10 R/ER, 2 BB, 2 K.
– against the As.
— the As didn’t score until the third, and they currently lead 13-0 in the top of the seventh.
—- Shields’ ERA went up 0.50 from this start alone. It’s fairly late in the season, and he’s thrown a lot of innings, and it still raised his ERA that much. Yikes. He’d have to throw over thirty scoreless innings to get his ERA back to what it was yesterday.

- HOLY JUSTIN UPTON. This is at Petco!!!
– Also in this game, Luis Martinez, who slugged .357 with 12 homers in 1500 PAs in the minors, hit a home run in his sixth big league at bat for his first hit. At Petco, may I remind you.

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