Daily Roundup: 5/29/2010

- Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the Marlins tonight. I don’t know which is more unpredictable, the fact that he did it or the fact that it took him this long since moving to the NL =P

- Before the 2010 season, there had been eighteen perfect games in baseball history. Now, between Halladay and Braden, there have been two in one month.

- Since 1998, there have been six perfect games. Now, this is a bit skewed by the fact that there have been three perfect games in the past two years, but that’s averaging one perfect game every two years. For something as incredible and rare as they are, that’s… not that rare, no? (With credit to poster at RAB.)

- Roy Halladay has as many complete game shutouts on the year as he does home runs allowed, three.

- Halladay’s perfecto was the sixth 1-0 perfecto in baseball history. In all six of these 1-0 perfect games, the one run was unearned. Tip your hat to the opposing pitcher on the Marlins, Josh Johnson, who was fantastic and who will not be remembered so much for this performance.

- I believe we were saying something about injuries and their unpredictability the other day. And, today, well, unpredictable injuries happened. Cleveland’s David Huff got hit in the head with a line drive by Alex Rodriguez, and the Angels’ Kendry Morales slipped on home plate celebrating a walk-off grand slam (seriously). Even weirder, it seems like Huff is likely totally fine, whereas Morales broke his ankle, needs surgery, and is going to be out for at least a couple of months if not the entire season.

- Carlos Silva, owner of a career 3.8 K/9, and who has never struck out even just five per nine in his career ever, struck out eleven through seven innings against the Cardinals today.

- On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Yankees scored four total runs in two games against the Twins, and won both. Today, they scored eleven runs against Cleveland, and lost.

- The final score in the Yankees/Indians game was 13-11. There was only one home run between both teams.

- Zack Greinke lost 1-0 again. Maybe we should only include him in this section when he doesn’t lose in some totally unfortunate way, because that’s less predictable. What Native American graveyard did this guy disturb before the season started, seriously?

- News from Detroit says Dontrelle Willis will be DFAd. This after all the early “Dontrelle is back” articles after some decent outings early in the season, too. Raise your hand if you thought, back in 2005, what’s happened to Dontrelle Willis over the past couple of years was going to happened. If you have your hand raised you’re a dirty liar. It’s sad to see what’s happened to Dontrelle, but who knows if this is the end? Baseball’s a sport of redemption and he’ll probably end up pitching the clinching game of the World Series for the Cardinals or something.

- The Brewers led the Mets 8-6 after four innings in their game. It was a barnburner. Until that point in the game, no pitcher on either team could throw strikes, and when they did, they left the park. The final score of the game? 8-6. Go figure.

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  1. Optimism to the 28th power says:

    I think you forgot about the Scranton WB Yanks beating STEPHEN STRASBURG and someone named Rene Rivera hit a homerun off a 99 mph Strasburg fastball. Never seen anyone hit a hard fastball like that for a homer.

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