Daily Roundup, 08/06/11

Adam Dunn went 0-4 with three strikeouts. He is now batting .163 on the season. The only players who have ever batted within 15 points of that in a qualified season are deadball era catchers, and even they only managed to do it seven times. Even then, three of those seven were the notoriously awful-hitting Bill Bergen–the same Bill Bergen whose record 0-46 streak Craig Counsell barely avoided tying the other day.
-He was also playing first base today.
–And was lifted for defensive replacement Brent Lillibridge to start the 8th, with his slot in the lineup due up sixth in the inning.
—Of course, Lillibridge came up in the ninth.
—-And homered.

Speaking of AL Central teams scoring four runs in the ninth, Cleveland did it too.
-Off the vaunted Texas bullpen.
–Really, just Neftali Feliz.
—When it rains, it pours with Feliz. This is the fourth time he has given up multiple runs in an outing (and the third time he has given up three runs or more), and he only has five outings of 1 run. And 34 scoreless outings.
—-Yoshinori Tateyama, who has been absolute death on righties (.154/.203/.200 as opposed to lefties, who hit .273/.319/.500 off him) was brought in to face hot-hitting rookie lefty Jason Kipnis, who promptly homered.

The Padres scored 13 runs.
-Remember, they scored 15 yesterday.
–They also scored 14 back on July 20th. That’s 2.5 weeks and three 13+ run games. The Padres!
—9 in a row for the Pirates, who are four games under .500 and could be back in fourth place by tomorrow. I think we might need to change our twitter avatar.

CC Sabathia vs. John Lackey. One of the bigger on-paper mismatches of the day.
-Of course, Boston won.
–And dropped 7 runs on CC, all in the first four innings.
—Ellsbury homered off Sabathia, just the second lefty to take him deep all year. The first was Adrian Gonzalez.
—-Speaking of Ellsbury and Adrian, guess which one has more home runs?
—–Pedroia struck out twice, just the seventh time this year that’s happened. Dunn has done that 41 times. In fact, Dunn only has 54 games where he struck out fewer than twice.
——The Yankees best offensive player on the day was Francisco Cervelli.

The Cubs have won seven straight.
-Carlos Zambrano homer. I know he is one of the best hitting pitchers (this was his 23rd career homer), but he is still a pitcher.

The Orioles left no one on base, and scored six runs.

Justin Verlander gave up three runs.
-And only lasted 7 innings. Bust.
–Jeff Francoeur homered off him! Doubled, too.
—Jose Valverde 1-2-3 inning. He still has not blown a save this year.

27 game hitting streak for Dan Uggla, whose batting average is now up to .220.
-The Mets dropped 7 runs in 3.1 innings on Tommy Hanson.
–Including four home runs.
—This is at Citi Field.
—-The home runs were by Justin Turner (.353 slugging), Jason Bay (.344), Josh Thole (.311), and just for good measure, another one by Turner.
—–Turner had two homers in his career coming into the game. Again, Citi Field.
——Jon Niese gives up five runs on ten hits in five innings and gets a win.

Seattle scored five runs.
-First big league homer for Trayvon Robinson. Great catch last night, home run to left center field tonight. For the record, Dodgers left fielders are hitting .246/.318/.340/.658 this year. I don’t get it.

Colorado pitcher Jhoulys Chacin scored two runs.
-He’s just the sixth pitcher this year to have a multi-run game. Kershaw has done it twice.

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