Daily Roundup, 08/13/11

The Blue Jays dropped eight runs on Jered Weaver.
-Including a home run from Mark Teahen, who was slugging under .300 prior to today.
–And an Adam Lind grand slam.
–Weaver gave up eight runs in the past month.

Jorge Posada played for the first time since being benched a week ago.
-Of course, he went 3-5 with a grand slam and six RBIs.

Milwaukee won 1-0 on a Yuni Betancourt homer.
-Zack Greinke, pinch-hitter.
–While wearing the wrong uniform.
—Pittsburgh’s leadoff hitter tripled in the ninth inning – in a 1-0 game, mind you – and the Pirates couldn’t score him. Hey, this year that IS unpredictable.

Oakland scored one run on five hits…with four errors.
-And only one of Texas’ seven runs was unearned.
–Granted, there is nothing in baseball more complicated than the rules governing what is an earned run.

So, Tim Stauffer gave up nine runs in three innings, including five homers.
-Two of those were to Miguel Cairo.
–Miguel Cairo is 37 years old, and has played in 1937 Major League games spread across nine teams and 16 seasons. He has never had a multihomer game until today.
—In fact, Cincinnati hit seven homers total, the most any team has hit in a game this season.
—-Yes, they play in Petco and this game was in a much more hitter-friendly venue, but the San Diego pitching staff has the third lowest HR/9 mark in baseball. At least, they did before this.

Javier Vazquez gave up three runs in seven innings with no walks and ten strikeouts.
-He lost.
–He also gave up a home run to Jeff Keppinger.

The Phillies scored seven unearned runs
-Roy Oswalt with two walks.
–As a hitter. He walked one as a pitcher.

Josh Beckett gave up five runs to the Mariners.
-In the first inning.
–Including home runs from Casper Wells and Ichiro (!!)
—That’s just Ichiro’s second homer on the year. Entering the game, his slugging percentage (.315) was fifth lowest among qualified ALers.

–Mike Pelfrey RBI single.

–Jaime Garcia gave up his first home run to a left handed hitter since July 21….2010.

–Dan Uggla, 33 game hitting streak.
— and the Braves still lost to the Cubs.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 08/13/11

  1. i love how dan uggla has a 33 game hit streak and has 107 strikeouts and a .232 avg. i still think he sucks

  2. I guess Jorge Posada still has some fight in him. 3 for 5 w/6 RBIs yankees mlb respect

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