Daily Roundup: 5/31/10

(Apologies for lack of post posting. We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and will be back at it tomorrow).

Some West Coast games are still in progress.M

–Tim Lincecum walked five batters in his fourth consecutive start.

–Ubaldo Jimenez did not. Instead, he pitched a four hit shutout. His ERA is down to 0.78, and needless to say, is lower than his WHIP. Although his peripherals do not compare favorably with Pedro’s 2000 campaign, we still might be onto something–after all, Jimenez is just 26.

–Gustavo Chacin, who pitched in relief of Roy Oswalt in Houston, hit a home run–his first plate appearance since 2005. It was his first career hit.

–Teixeira was intentionally walked in front of Alex Rodriguez, and A-Rod followed with a grand slam. In five occasions in which A-Rod has had a PA after an IBB to Teixeira, he has 18 RBI. That’s more than 3 RBI per PA.

–The Marlins scored thirteen runs–and didn’t score their first until the sixth inning.

–Arizona blew a late inning, two-run lead to the Dodgers. Not surprising. However, it wasn’t the bullpen that did it…

–Brandon Morrow, the ML K/9 leader, held the Rays hitless through 5 and overall gave up one run on three hits in seven innings…all while striking out just one

–Jerry Hairston Jr hit his second career grand slam. (Predictable: it came off of the Mets).

–The Dodgers just won their game on a walk-off balk.

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