Daily Roundup, 08/22/11

With an abbreviated schedule and things like the Twins losing and Justin Verlander winning, it wasn’t the most unpredictable day ever. We’re still here.

- It’s August 22, and the Astros are eliminated from the postseason. /sad trombone

- Matt Holliday left a game because a moth flew into his ear. No, seriously.
– Also, LaRussa bullpen follies led to a big rally by the Dodgers against the Cardinals. Womp womp.
— Aaron Miles hit a big tying triple.
—- Nick Punto has a .780 OPS.

- That Red Sox lineup was shut out for the second time in six games and the ninth time all season.
– at Arlington, mind you.

- Chris Perez allowed the winning run to score in an inning where he gave up no hits.

- The Braves beat the Cubs 3-0.
– The Cubs stranded 15 on base. 15!!! Even for the Cubs, that’s pretty sad.
— Jair Jurrjens himself allowed eight hits and five walks in just 6.1 innings. And again – no runs.

- The Nationals are 37-25 at home.
– They beat the Diamondbacks tonight.
— There’s been so much wailing and rending of garments by, well, everyone about the Giants offense, and the Giants offense is totally putrid, but they’re only a game out now.

- The Phillies beat the Mets 10-0
– Okay, okay, not unpredictable. But Ryan Howard had no RBIs. I dunno, guys. It’s a slow night.

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