Daily Roundup, 08/23/11

- The Cardinals and Dodgers have played 2002 games against each other, and they are 1001-1001.
– Tonight the Dodgers blew the Cardinals out. The Dodgers!
— Skip Schumaker pitched.
—- And actually struck out two, who must now be forever ashamed.
—– Rod Barajas homered twice.

- Brad Penny and his 3.57 K/9 outdueled David Price.
– Phil Coke got a two-inning save where he threw over fifty pitches, including a ten-pitch at-bat to end the game with the tying run at third and the winning run at second.

- Bruce Chen, on the other hand, struck out nine Blue Jays.
– and the Mariners scored five runs in an inning TWICE.

- John Lackey has more wins than Josh Beckett.
– John Lackey plays for the same team, is mostly terrible, and was on the DL earlier this year to boot.
— wtaf.

- Sean Borroughs homer!!!
– It was Borroughs’ twelfth big league home run. When he hit #11, Ryan Howard had no big league home runs. (h/t @scenzhang)
– Ian Kennedy is now tied for the lead in NL wins.

- Aramis Ramirez went 5-for-5.
– The Cubs still lost.
— to the Braves. Craig Kimbrel has the rookie save record and it’s August 23.

- I am lifting this directly from Baseball Reference, perhaps the greatest site in the universe, on Mets/Phillies:
In the first 2 innings, the Mets had 7 men come to bat with a runner in scoring position. One hit into a fielder’s choice at the plate, as Angel Pagan meekly submitted to the tag while standing up. Another walked. The other 5 took called 3rd strikes from Vance Worley, including 3 straight in the 2nd inning with men on 2nd and 3rd in a scoreless game.

3 innings later, the Phils led 9-zip. What more do you need to know?

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