Daily Roundup, 08/24/11

- The starting infield of the Blue Jays on May 27, 2007 had Lyle Overbay at first, Aaron Hill at second, John McDonald at shortstop, and Ryan Roberts at third base.
– The starting infield of the Arizona Diamondbacks on August 24, 2011 was, well… take a look for yourself.

- Hey, the Brewers actually lost.
– to the Pirates!
— they got shut out by Aaron Thompson, Jason Grilli, Jose Veras, and Joel Hanrahan.

- the As beat the Yankees in a series.
– at Yankee Stadium
— Trevor Cahill gave up only two runs over 6+ innings to them.
—- Coco Crisp and Scott Sizemore combined to go 8-for-8.
—– Crisp actually hit two home runs, including one off CC Sabathia and another that made the difference in the game.

- The Astros lost… on a walk-off wild pitch. C’mon, even for them that’s impressive.
– You know it’s the Astros when no one even notes that.

- Jaime Garcia’s no good very bad third inning today: walk, walk, wild pitch, single scoring two, double scoring the other batter, single scoring that batter, throwing error moving that batter to second, ground-rule double scoring the former batter, single moving the former batter to third, single scoring the batter on third, sac bunt, fielder’s choice, groundout.
– This was against the Dodgers.
— who scored all those runs for Hiroki Kuroda.
—- on a 10-game road trip, Dodger catchers, not exactly known for their bats, hit .325/.341/.775 (h/t @truebluela).

- The Giants have the worst run differential in the NL West. Yep.

- The Rays won on this play.

- The most runs scored by teams tonight were 13, 9, and 8. The 13 was by Boston, okay, not unpredictable.
– The 9 was by Seattle
— the 8 was by the Angels.
—- Hey, Jered Weaver got run support!
—– Jeff Mathis hit a booming double.

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