Daily Roundup, 08/29/11

- The Astros won!
– They beat the Pirates, who turned a triple play when they only needed two outs.

- The Mets swept a doubleheader over the Marlins with very little angst involved. Considering the Mets’ history with the Marlins, especially late in the season, this is definitely unpredictable.

- Randy Wells just threw the first CGSHO of the entire season for the Cubs.
– And the Cubs hit three home runs off Tim Lincecum – for the first time in his career, ever. It was his 150th career start.
— h/t @junkstats, Greg Maddux allowed three+ homers in one game twice in his first 536 starts, and that came within a three-start span.
—- With the CGSHO, Wells’ ERA is still over five.
—– Wow, the Giants are five games back.

- David Robertson gave up his first home run of the year.
– It was also the first run he’s given up on the road, period.
— It was to a hitter with an under .320 OBP. (Okay, it’s JJ Hardy, so not an awful hitter)
—- Freddy Garcia and his assortment of slop, pitching in the AL East, gave up his first homer since June 7.
—– All this happened against the Orioles.
—— The Yankees still won.

- Johnny Damon hit two home runs.
– The Rays still lost.

- Provided the Dodgers can get the last out in this game with a 4-1 lead, two outs, and nobody on base without blowing it, Clayton Kershaw will win his 17th game.
– The Dodgers haven’t had someone who won as many as 17 games since 2000. And it’s not like they’ve been this bad for too terribly long. What the heck?

- The Royals hit three home runs off Max Scherzer.
– One was Alex Gordon. Okay fine.
— The other two were Alcides Escobar and Salvador Perez – back-to-back, too.
—- at Comerica.

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