Daily Roundup, 08/30/11

First things first, a blast from the past. Check out 0:35 and then 2:10.

- The Astros won!
– JD Martinez has 29 RBIs in 29 games.
— Do you even know who that person is?

- Francisco Cervelli hit a home run out of Fenway Park tonight.
– The Red Sox had nineteen baserunners and scored twice.
— They had thirteen hits, and only scored two runs. It’s the second time ever they’ve had at least 13 hits, but scored only two runs, against the Yankees, since 1919.
—- Hey, CC Sabathia beat the Red Sox. WE CAN ALL BREATHE NOW.
—– He’s the first Yankee starter to beat the Red Sox all season. It’s almost September.
—— Cervelli has two home runs in 108 AB this season. Joe Mauer has one home run in 260 AB this season. Ouch.
——- Carl Crawford (.178/.238/.281 against lefties this year) walked and homered against CC Sabathia. In 68 PAs against Sabathia, he’d walked only one other time and never homered.

- Mike Trout hit two home runs.
– He just turned 20. Well, I feel accomplished.
— Jerome Williams got his second win for seven solid innings of work.
—- The Mariners scored six runs, but lost. Badly, too.

- So, here was Tim Stauffer’s night.
– Actually, the first inning was innocent enough, with just a walk to Matt Kemp, and considering the Dodgers’ lineup that’s not something to get too worried over.
— Second inning, though… Ethier single. Miles walk. Ellis K. Carroll walk. Hiroki Kuroda (as in the pitcher, who is a remarkably bad hitter even for a pitcher) walk, Ethier scores. Sellers sac fly, Miles scores. Loney walk. Kemp bases-loaded walk, scoring Carroll. Juan Rivera walk, scoring Kuroda. Pitching change. Andre Ethier grand slam.
—- So yeah, eight runs for the Dodgers and only Andre Ethier had hits.
—– Stauffer’s line, and he’s been good: 1.2 IP, 1 H, 7 R/ER, 7 BB, 2 K. Um.
—— All this in support of Kuroda, who at one point in the season got 31 runs of support, total, over a 15-start span.

- Eh, Kuroda wasn’t as impressive as Roy Halladay, who hit a three-run double.

- Doug Fister had a perfect game through six innings.
– The game ended up going extras, though. Ramon Santiago and his 23 home runs in 10 seasons and .338 career slugging came in to pinch-run, then hit a walk-off home run to win it.

- Fourteen runs were scored over two innings in the Twins/White Sox game.
– And none the rest of the way.

- Remember when I said yesterday that it was surprising that the Mets could sweep the Marlins in a double-header with little angst involved? Yeah. The Marlins won tonight because of this.
– Javier Vazquez recorded his 2500th career strikeout tonight. As @Ledger_NYMets pointed out, he has a career 104 ERA+ and 53.4 fWAR, whereas Jack Morris had a career 105 ERA+ and 56.9 fWAR. Vazquez isn’t a Hall of Famer just like Morris isn’t (we went there.), but he’s better than you probably think.

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