Daily Roundup, 09/23/11

- The Astros won.
– They actually blew out someone.
— Of course, it was the Rockies.
—- Drew Pomeranz: 2 IP, 7 H, 6 R/ER, 1 BB, 3 K.
—– and then Esmil Rogers gave up five hits and three runs in just 2.1 innings.

- It’s fitting that as I start writing this the Diamondbacks just won the NL West, right?
– The Diamondbacks have actually won the NL West five times in their 14-year history, including their second year of existence. Not too bad.

- It took Jemile Weeks ninety games to hit one home run. Tonight, he hit another home run, giving him home runs on back-to-back days. (h/t @csnathletics)

- The Rays were dealt a serious blow to their playoff hopes when they lost to Toronto.
– Lost in the BOSTON COLLAPSAMAGEDDON narrative is the fact that while the Rays are 6-1 against them since September 9, the Rays are just 2-6 against everyone else over that time frame.
— Brandon Morrow got a double play in this game. That was his first double play induced since August 23, 2010. Wat.
—- Desmond Jennings hit into that double play, to boot.
—– David Price has a 3.36 ERA with sparkling peripherals. He’s 12-13.

- Justin Masterson, who’s really very good, gave up four runs, three earned, in just 4.2 innings, with six walks!
– to the TWINS!
— who lost anyway, of course.
—- In the past four games, the Twins have had bases loaded, nobody out, and failed to score.

- Jonny Venters gave up a home run.
– to Jayson Werth, who’s slugging .394 this year.
— That’s the third home run he’s given up in his career, spanning 168 innings.
—- The Braves won anyway, against the Nationals too, which is kind of a rarity for them.
—– Strasburg: 4 IP, 5 H, 3 R/ER, 0 BB, 3 K.
—— After tonight, Stras has pitched eighteen innings in the big leagues in 2011. He’s “only” struck out 14, but he hasn’t walked anyone. He’s coming back from Tommy John surgery. Yeaaaah.

- And congrats to the Brewers (and Rangers) as well.
– The last time the Brewers won their division, neither Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder was born yet.
This was Craig Gentry’s first career homer. (thanks, Lookout Landing.)

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