Daily Roundup, 09/25/11

- With a three-homer day, Jacoby Ellsbury is a 30-30 man. Everyone saw this coming.
– He’s the first 30-30 man EVER for the Red Sox.
— Despite hitting two home runs against AJ Burnett, the Red Sox lost to him.
—- Burnett finally won his first game against the Red Sox as a Yankee in his tenth try. Better late than never, I guess?
—– John Lackey had a quality start against the Yankees! In Yankee Stadium! After giving up three runs in the first!
—— This happened.
——- Mariano Rivera IBBed Marco Scutaro.

- Still, with the Rays win and Boston splitting the doubleheader, Tampa Bay’s just one game back.
– The Angels don’t have it so easy. With a three-run lead in the ninth, rookie closer Jordan Walden threw away a ball that would’ve been a game-ending double play, and then the As scored four runs. The As!
— And the Cardinals are just a game back of the Braves in the NL Wild Card. Hmm…
—- The Braves got shut out by Ross Detweiler today. At one point in the game, after a leadoff single, he walked the Braves’ #8 hitter Jack Wilson (wait. Jack Wilson is on the Braves? When did this happen?) and their pitcher to load the bases with nobody out. He went 3-0 on Michael Bourn before Bourn popped out, followed by a shallow flyout and a groundout. Not too bad, kid.

- GUYS THE PHILLIES WON. I think they’ll be okay.

- The Rangers beat the Mariners 12-5, but both teams hit the same number of home runs.
– You gotta love Arlington.

- The Rockies scored 19 runs.
– on a Sunday!
— 25 hits! Team record! And no, this game wasn’t at Coors.
—- Kevin Millwood homered. It’s his second homer this year, and his first big league game was August 10.

- Hey you’re never gonna believe this but Brian Matusz was terrible and lost.
– Brad Penny got a win for 5.1 innings of three-run ball with three walks and two strikeouts.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 09/25/11

  1. Chad says:

    Ellsbury before the All-Star Break: 11 HR, 28 SB
    Ellsbury after the All-Star Break: 20 HR, 10 SB


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