Daily Roundup, 09/26/11

- The Astros won.
– against the Cardinals, which is a big deal considering the state of the Wild Card race in the NL…
— At one point Tony LaRussa pulled a double steal.
—- With Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday on base.
—– It was successful.
—— The Cardinals lost on a walk-off bunt.

- Is this weirder than Ozzie Guillen being let go by the White Sox, and effectively traded to the Marlins? Probably not. But still. The Astros won!

- Speaking of Wild Card races, Boston lost to the Orioles.
– Remember how yesterday Ellsbury was the MVP because of that home run that won the game for Boston? Is he now no longer the MVP? Baseball is mean.
— Josh Beckett allowed six runs to the Orioles for the second straight start.
—- With a Rays win over the Yankees, the AL Wild Card is now tied. Whoooooo, boy.
—– James Shields got pulled after 8.2 innings, but he still has more complete games than 26 teams.
—— On September 1, the Red Sox had 83 wins; they now have 89. The Yankees had 82 wins, and now they have 97.
——- In the last ten games, the Red Sox have one quality start.
——– It’s by John Lackey.
——— Um, at least David Ortiz hit an infield single?

- The Pirates beat the Brewers at Miller Park!!
– When the Brewers had the tying run on third with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth.
— And Yuniesky Betancourt had tied the game with a bases-loaded walk. No, seriously.

- The Mets’ RBI leader is still Carlos Beltran.
– The Padres’ RBI and HR leader is still Ryan Ludwick.

- Ryota Igarashi got out of a bases loaded, nobody out jam.
– and the Mets still lost.
— Seriously, what is the point of a Mets/Reds series to end the year. Just let people nap.

- I failed to point this out yesterday, but AJ Burnett and John Lackey had quality starts in the same day.
– Osama Bin Laden just said he’s cold, by the way.

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