Random LCS-clinching notes

Nelson Cruz won ALCS MVP for the Rangers. He didn’t have a single in the series, and he was coming off a 1-for-15 ALDS. He had six homers in the series; the Padres had three players who shared their homer title, with nine home runs each (if you’re not counting Ryan Ludwick, who was traded at the deadline). Here’s some more information about the series, the Rangers, the Tigers, Michael Young, and Miguel Cabrera. It’s a cool read, so we recommend it.

By like the second inning of the Brewers/Cardinals game tonight, both Rafael Furcal and Jonathan Lucroy had hit no-doubt bombs and Yuniesky Betancourt and Lance Berkman had made nice catches. There were six total home runs in the game, all in the first three innings, and – we are not picking on you here, Padres, we just pick up facts – the Padres hit six total home runs from June 28 to July 22. Have some NLCS miscellany, as well.

The Rangers won their pennant-winning game 15-5. The Cardinals won their pennant-winning game 12-6. And you all thought pitching won in the playoffs…

All this, and the Brewers lost at home – and in fact lost two of their three home games this series.

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  1. Brian says:

    Hate to nitpick, but Ryan Ludwick hit 11 homers for the Padres…

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