“Daily” “Roundup” 3/28/12

Welcome back, folks! After a long offseason and full slate of Spring games, Opening Day is finally upon us. All the teams are back and ready to go, the rosters are set, and while two teams are opening tonight with all the pageantry, everyone else is all set to go tomorrow and…oh wait, it’s just Seattle and Oakland playing two games in Japan. While everyone else still has plenty of Spring Training games to go. Heck, even those two are each playing several more Spring games when they get back. After two games in Japan, the “series” will conclude April 6th and 7th in Oakland. Why do these two games count for anything then? Well, that is a good question, but who cares? Meaningful baseball!

Ichiro had a four-hit game. He actually had three of those in 2011, after just one in 2010.

Chone Figgins got a hit too!

Your Major League home run leader is Dustin Ackley. This might not change for a while.

Sure, it’s the Seattle and Oakland offenses, but no one on either team drew a walk in 11 innings.

Felix Hernandez is clearly in midseason form—8 innings, 1 run, no-decision.
-That’s the 19th time since the start of the 2010 season that Felix has thrown 8+ innings and given up 1 or fewer earned runs. This was his fourth no-decision, and he has a loss thrown in there too.

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