Daily Roundup 04/09/12

So, Barry Zito.
–Pitched a complete game shut out
—His first since 2003.
—-He pitched it at Coors Field
—–Where the only other shutouts by lefties were by Tom Glavine.
——-And the first time the Rockies have been shut out at home by a lefty since 1997.
———Oh, and Zito didn’t walk anyone.
———–And he worked an 11-pitch at bat that resulted in a hit.

Omar Infante hit two home runs, bringing him up to three on the season.
–He had seven all of last season.

Darwin Barney hit the Cubs’ first HR of the year.
–In probably related news, the Cubs were the majors’ last team to hit a home run in 2012.

Yu Darvish’s first regular season inning in America didn’t go so well.
–it started with a four pitch walk
—to Chone Figgins.
—-In fact at one point he’d allowed four hits and three runs and just recorded one out.
—–He still got the win.

Mike Pelfrey hit a double; Geovany Soto and Mat Gamel hit triples (Soto and Gamel in the same game).

David Ortiz tried to steal a base.
–It was actually closer than you’d think.

Robert Andino had two doubles, and the Orioles weren’t playing the Red Sox.

The Mets are still undefeated, and, at 4-0 have the best record in the majors.
–And oh by the way the Astros are 3-1.
—While the Braves are 0-4.

[Royals and Athletics still in progress]

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One Response to Daily Roundup 04/09/12

  1. N says:

    Actually Zito and with three relievers blanked the Rox back in April 2007.


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