Daily Roundup, 04/11/12

The Tigers first loss of the season turned out to be the first time a Detroit starter was credited with a decision.
-Naturally, that loss went to Justin Verlander.

The Twins won a game.
-In which their starter gave up five runs.
–Minnesota scored six tonight, notable because they had scored six runs total prior to tonight.
–In those four games, they had been shut down by such luminaries as Tommy Hunter and Jason Hammel.
—So tonight they dropped five runs in six innings on Jered Weaver.

The Braves won. Not too crazy, they are playing the Astros. Heck, they won last night too.
-This marks the first time the Braves won back to back games since September 13-14.
–Jonny Venters hasn’t thrown a pitch in any inning not the 8th since August 22nd. This might actually be the most predictable thing ever.

Oh Jonathan Broxton.
-Fielding error, walk, walk, RBI groundout, HBP, walkoff HBP. He’s still broken.

Josh Johnson has allowed nine runs (and 21!! Hits) in 9.2 innings.

The Mariners, down 3-0 entering the 8th, won.
-Kevin Millwood shut down the Rangers in Texas.
–Elvis Andrus homered.

With runners on first and second in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game, Rafael Soriano intentionally walked Nick Markakis to load the bases for Adam Jones.
-It worked. Jones struck out.

Adam Dunn multihit game.
-He only had 12 of those last year.
–Chicago’s ten runs matched their season output to date.

The Red Sox-Blue Jays game took just two hours and thirteen minutes.
-Yea, the Red Sox.

The Giants scored eight runs, bringing them to 29 on the season, best in the NL West.
-That includes Colorado, who scored 17 tonight, the first six of which came off Tim Lincecum.
–This is one day after Barry Zito shut them out.
—Every Rockies regular (pitcher excluded) had a hit, and all but Scutaro had more than one.
—-Ten of the Rockies 22 hits went for extra bases, including two triples for Carlos Gonzalez.
—–None of those 22 hits left the yard. 17 runs is a new Colorado franchise record for a homerless game, and the most by any team since the Astros scored 18 in August 2010. This was just the 11th time since the Strike that a team scored 17+ without hitting a home run.
—–Tyler Chatwood pitched the last three innings of this one, entering the game with a nine run lead. For that, he earned a save.
——Buster Posey did not start this game, reportedly because he was suffering from shingles. He pinch hit in the 8th inning down by eight runs.
——-17 runs is still more than three whole teams have scored—the Phillies (15), Twins (12), and Pirates (9).

Yea, the Pirates have only scored nine runs. But they have only allowed 12.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 04/11/12

  1. Chad says:

    Huh. Really? I’d heard that young people rarely get shingles, and when they do, it’s because their immune system is probably otherwise compromised–not something I’d expect from a pro athlete.

    I learned this because my first case of shingles came when I was 11. They said that it was the result of stress. Although I guess I can see why someone being counted on to be a franchise player so early in their career could be a bit stressed…

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