Daily Roundup, 04/23/12

h/t @jaysonst, Seattle hasn’t scored fourteen runs in any of their last 299 games. The Yankees scored fourteen runs within eighteen batters on Saturday.

Before tonight’s games, the OBP of the Padres as a team (.306) was higher than Albert Pujols’ (.300).

The averages of the Rangers (.303) and Yankees (.285) were better than the SLUGGING of the Pirates (.281).
- Also, the Yankees had 27 home runs (again, before tonight). The Phillies had 27 extra base hits.
– The Orioles have three different players with five home runs (and one of them is Nolan Reimold). The Cubs have five home runs as a team.

The 2012 Red Sox have three instances of a pitcher giving up at least 5 ER while getting one or no out/s.
- That’s as many times as this happened for the Red Sox in the entire 1980s.
– Along those lines, Mark Melancon faced 18 batters and allowed five home runs. The Nationals have faced 609 batters and allowed three home runs. (h/t @junkstats)
— The Red Sox did successfully close out a one-run lead tonight, though.

Tim Lincecum finally had some better results today. He gave up only one run in five innings.
- He still walked five.
– He had four total walks in his previous starts, all of which were mostly horrible.
— Nate Schierholtz was a double shy of the cycle, and at one point had five hits on the day to the Mets’ eight.

The Royals lost. At this point this isn’t unpredictable, but…
- It’s their eleventh loss in a row. Already.
– It’s their tenth home loss. They will go winless at home in April.

In Braves/Dodgers with Kemp on base, Ethier singled. Kemp was thrown out trying to score, and Ethier was thrown out going back to first.
- Here’s a GIF. Really, words can’t do it justice.
– Jair Jurrjens was sent to the minors after this game. He was an All-Star last year, and a lot of people thought he should’ve started the game.

Jake Peavy complete game shutout. In 2012.
- All his body parts are still attached, we think.

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  1. derek says:

    Here is another early season ALERT small sample size stat…the only Philly on the box score of tonight’s game with a SLG% of over .500 was PETE ORR. #tripping

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